Farthest Frontier: How to get firewood?

You will need firewood in the shelters in Farthest Frontier to keep your people warm in the winter. But you’ll also use it in various factories where food is handled, like the smokehouse. In short, your settlement can’t get around without firewood. Let’s see how to get firewood.

To be able to produce firewood, so you need logs and a special building called firewood splitter in which you can employ up to two workers and then you will be the building to produce firewood.

The formula of firewood splitter is:

1 log => 15 firewood 

You’ll be fine with building one to start with, and once your colony grows to 50 or more inhabitants you’ll have to consider building another, or adding another worker to chop wood.

How build firewood splitter in Farthest Frontier?

The build is simple, the firewood splitter can be found under the build in the resources section where it is the only one unlocked at the start along with the well and should cost 10 logs. So build it quickly – then make sure at least one of your citizens is working there…

What a firewood splitter building looks like.

… that should give you enough firewood for the first and upcoming winters. You don’t need to add another worker, in my experience one building will produce enough firewood for 50 to 100 inhabitants.

Recommendations to firewood splitter.

Since the firewood splitter has negative desirability, you need to place it away from your residents.

I recommend building it in the woods. In future you will also build a sawmill nearby.

Connect it to the city by road and build a basic storage of logs by the road.

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