Farthest Frontier: How to get logs?

Logs are the most basic raw material you need in Farthest Frontier to construct and it is very important to make sure you have a constant supply of them. This article will show you ways how to get it quickly and how to ensure you have an abundance of it in the more advanced stages of the game.

Let’s start from the beginning. For the start, I recommend clicking directly on each tree and clicking on the “harvest resources” button. It will reassure you of the action and what trees will be cut exactly.

Click on a tree and then on “harvest resource”

The other way is to use the H key on the keyboard, i.e. “harvest”, and then hold the mouse to select which part of the forest you want to cut down. However, this way is tricky – your people will primarily harvest trees that are “mature” i.e. that are ready to be cut down…

… so you want to make sure that you make this process over an already grown forest, otherwise you will cut slowly and have few trees. Simply do not cut small trees, it doesn’t make sense.

How does the mass harvest look like over the area

Tip: Beware, if you uncheck trees in the “harvest” popup, you will stop harvesting logs.

The above ways of how to solve it are really just a start. Once you upgrade your town hall to level II, build a wagon shop and immediately build a “work camp” on top of it. Build it in the forest where larger trees grow and then set it up to harvest logs primarily (as in the picture below). You do that by moving the slider to the left.

We can say that I can build 2 or 3 similar work camps depending on how much wood I need. If I have a shortage of wood, I need to make sure that I want to cut down trees that are not mature (uncheck the checkbox) and add workers to the maximum, thus increasing production to the maximum.

How to set up your work camp

What to use the logs for?

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