Farthest Frontier: How to get clay?

Getting the clay in the Farthest Frontier is easy, and in today’s article, we’ll show you how. It’s not a basic resource, so you won’t get to it right from the start, and it’s also not available at first sight. So it won’t be as easy as the food tutorial, but I believe we can do it together.

First of all, in order to work with clay, you need to have an extended town hall on level II!

How to find clay deposits?

The first thing to do is to look around the area to see if you have any deposits available. The first thing I recommend is to look around the explored area to see if you might have one right under your feet. Where it is on the map is indicated by the following icon:

Icon on the map

If you don’t have it available where you can see, use Expedition (E) to explore the dark areas that you haven’t explored yet. If you have few inhabitants then follow a few smaller expeditions. If you have enough people, feel free to explore the whole map in a wide area.

Clay pit

Once you have uncovered a clay deposit, you can try to build a Clay Pit at that location. As you can see in the picture below, the game will not allow you to build a clay pit in a place where there is no clay. And in case you decide to build it, all the places with clay will be highlighted in yellow.

Trying to build a clay pit in a place where it cannot be built => can’t be built

So you need to move the clay pit to a place with clay and then you can build it. The price is low 10 logs and 15 planks. So you can build it fairly quickly. But what might be a problem is that you often build it further away from the village. That’s why I recommend you to build a hunter or a work camp nearby and also a defensive tower…

… because you want to make sure more people than just the miners who work there go to the site. At the same time, if a predator attacks the base, you’re more likely to defend yourself.

How to set up a clay pit?

I recommend employing at least 3 people to start (default is two) and as your needs grow so employ 4 people. If you happen to be short of dirt you can always employ additional miners for a total of 6 people, so you don’t have to build another pit right away.

What else to do after building a clay pit?

I recommend you build pottery on the outskirts of your town and employ enough people to make pottery from the clay. In the beginning, the need to make clay products is not that high, but houses need clay products to raise the level, and also pottery is something you can sell to merchants quite well.

Potter building detail

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