Farthest Frontier: How to get food?

Food is the basic thing without which your people cannot survive. That’s why it must be managed from the start. I’ll show you the most basic ways to get food in Farthest Frontier and survive the first stages until farming opens up.

How to get food by manual harvesting?

The basic “manual harvesting” is the one you use primarily at the beginning. I recommend using key H (harvest) and selecting fruit bushes in the vicinity or I recommend manual selection of individual trees from which you want to collect food…

Press H (harvest) and then move the mouse over your bushes.

… but beware this is not a long-term and sustainable direction. It’s really just to tide you over for the first few months before you build any more buildings to get food through.

You can also prepare for this phase when selecting the map by looking if there are fruit bushes around the village (see the highlighted icons in the picture below). They are grey now, but once they are fruiting (during the summer) you will be able to harvest them.

How look berries in Farthest Frontier

Food production buildings

On the 1st level of your city, you will be presented with several buildings that can be used and that you will have to combine to successfully survive your first year. The next levels will open up more complex buildings that will allow you to create more complex food, but more on that later…

Food production buildings

… let’s take a closer look at those beginner buildings that are supposed to provide you with food. We’ll go over all of them below except Crop Field, which I’ll have a bigger special on farming. The list of basic buildings that can be built in the beginning is:

  • Forager shack
  • Fishing shack
  • Hunter cabin
  • Smokehouse

But let’s look at specific buildings, what they do, how they are positioned and what they produce. Because you have to consider their construction to survive the first years.

How use forager shack in Farthest Frontier?

The main building is a forager shack. This building, as the description below suggests, is used to collect the raw materials that are found around the village. The worker can collect fruits, wild vegetables, bird eggs or herbs as well. I always build 2 buildings of this type at the beginning to ensure the basic functioning of the gathering…

Forager shack details

… when you place a building, the popup shows you what resources you will be collecting. You want to make sure that there will be berry and vegetable picking (as it looks in the picture below) and that the intervention will not take place unnecessarily on “built-up land” because there is nothing to pick.

Location of the forager shack

In this case you can see that I am building it and the built-up area is 9%. Therefore, after building, I will change the range of the building to cover more of the plain and therefore more bushes. As your city grows you need to move the building further and further from time to time. So be careful that they don’t run idle.

How use fishing shack in Farthest Frontier?

If you’re lucky and your village is near water, you’ll probably be able to build a fisher shack. Where you can employ a fisherman who will catch fish and their meat will then be able to your residents eat…

Fishing shack details

…the fishing shack location is a little more complicated. You have to make sure that you have enough fishing areas nearby where you can fish and also that the fishing productivity is at its highest possible. It’s a good idea to drive around the pond and look at different locations to choose the best and most effective spot.

Placing fishing shack in real game (look at %)

It’s definitely worth choosing a place where fishing productivity is higher than 200% (yes, that happened to me too) than if you build a fishing shack in a place where you only have 130%. Likewise, you want to make sure you have a high fish count, which means you will be able to catch a lot of fish. The more the more fish you catch per year.

How use hunter cabin in Farthest Frontier?

One way to get meat is to build a hunter cabin. Where you can employ a hunter who will then take down deer or wild boar for you and produce meat and hides. You can use the meat as one of your food sources, and you can use the hides for clothing.

Hunter cabin detail

We’ll take a look at the hunter cabin sooner.

Is it worth using a smokehouse?

If you build a fishing shack so near you also want to build a smokehouse, as well as if you build a hunter cabin so near you want a smokehouse. The reason for this is that raw meat/fish is processed here and then has a higher shelf life…

… this higher durability is the reason why I think it is worth using smokehouse! When you build a smokehouse, be careful not to process fish in the forest and not to process meat by the pond. Then the workers would have to carry food back and forth and it would not be efficient.

Smokehouse detail

What you need to watch is that you build smokehouses away from populated neighborhoods, as they have negative desirability, so they have a negative effect on their surroundings. Which could have a negative effect on the dwelling. That’s why I’m building it in excluded areas.

What will you open for food with the 2nd level of the town hall?

With the second level you will open more complex buildings which include:

  • Arborist building (produce fruit, from fruit trees)
  • Barn (from cows produce milk, raw meat)
  • Bakery (from flour produce bread)
  • Windmill (from wheat produce flour)

What will you open for food with the 3rd level of the town hall?

With the third level you will open the most complex food-oriented buildings:

  • Preservist building (from fruit, berries, stock and firewood they produce preserves)
  • Cheesemaker (from milk produce cheese)

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