Farthest Frontier: Survive first year!

The first year is in Farthest Frontier the hardest, but as soon as you survive it so you already manage so already the game for you will be easy. I’ve prepared a guide for you on what all you want to do to succeed and survive the first year.

Let’s look at the goals for first year:

Before we get into the step-by-step guide, let’s take a look at what you need to get done in the first few minutes of playing Farthest Frontier and the list is relatively clear:

  • provide enough food
  • accommodate all residents
  • provide firewood
  • start getting gold
  • prepare for further growth

To make it all work, I have prepared a multi-step manual that contains the following steps:

  1. Build town center
  2. Build firewood splitter
  3. Build basic well
  4. Produce first food
  5. Build market and get gold

If this is enough of a challenge for you, you can go play. You’ll find my guide to finding a good starting place in Farthest Frontier. For the rest of you, I’ve prepared specific instructions below, so let’s get to it!

Build town center

After the location of the town hall, it is necessary to build a center. I do this by building a dirt road around the town hall and building houses around them. It works out nicely so I build 2 shelters on each side, so at the end of this event, I built 8 houses, where each house can hold 4 inhabitants, so the total capacity is 32 people…

Diagram of my city centre

… in the picture above you can see the shelters marked with a red line and the blue line indicates where the main streets of my city will lead. It’s nothing complicated, it’s a fairly simple layout which has worked quite well for me so far. In the corners I can build special buildings like a market or a trading post, in short everything is ready for development.

Build firewood splitter

The next thing you will need to provide is firewood. However, be careful that to get it you have to build a firewood splitter and it has a negative effect on desirability, so you can’t build it near residential houses. So I always make my way to the forest and build it there. In the picture above you can see it on the left…

Firewood splitter in the nearby forest

…build a road right here. You’ll probably build more buildings here in the future. At the same time, mark a few trees with a harvest to get wood to turn into firewood.

Thanks to the fact that you will have houses and firewood so you will fulfill the most basic on what your residents complain at the beginning and what they need.

But that’s not all – there are still 3 more tasks to do.

Build basic well

Another need is a well. I recommend looking first to see if there is water near where you want to build. So I recommend turning on the water survey and choosing a place that is near the village and that has an above-average water supply…

Where I decided to build a well

…then build a path between the city and the well. I recommend building it on one of the main streets so you don’t build more streets. So far I haven’t noticed that the water source might get polluted, so it doesn’t matter if it’s this close to the last dwelling like I have above.

Produce first food

If you have a well and a supply of firewood, you need to start collecting food. As I wrote in the food guide. In the beginning, it is good to collect a few berries and you can do this automatically. After that, I recommend building the first forager shack, which will collect crops in the surrounding area…

The first forager shack and its circuit

… I decided to build it on one of the edges of my village. And as you can see, I have +++ for berries and +++ for wild vegetables. That’s good. However, the problem is that I’m on developed land 9,36% so I’ll move the building circle more to the right i.e. to the plains where there are more resources…

Modified forager shack circuit for more power

… then I’m looking at what my other options are. If I’m with the village by the water, I can build a fishing shack and start fishing. Alternatively, it’s a good idea to build a smokehouse next to the fishing shack so the fish are processed and last longer.

If you are near the water, I recommend building a fishing shack

In addition to the fisherman, you can also build a hunter cabin in the woods where the hunter can hunt deer or wild boar. In short, it is necessary to ensure the supply of basic food. If necessary, I also build a second forager shack on the other side of the village to have a larger supply of food.

I’ve worked out more meal types for you in a separate food guide.

Build market and get gold

Finally, let’s look at the last milestone, which is to build the market and get the gold. In order to do this, you must first build a stockyard. I always build it between the village and the firewood splitter. It’s not in the conditions, but it will come in handy.

Now the next mandatory step is to build a storehouse. I always build it in one corner of the square. So I don’t take up too much of the…

Building a storehouse in the city centre

… and then you should be able to build a market. I always build it on the other side of the square. And I always make sure to build more buildings around the market, because the market has a positive effect on the desirability of the surrounding buildings.

Although beware it is possible that you will not be able to build the market, because you need wood planks on it. In order to build it you will have to build a sawmill, which I am having built near the firewood splitter, where as I wrote above there will be negative desirability.

Building the marketplace and positively affects the building statistics.

Once the market is built you should have all the essentials for a successful start completed and as you can see in the picture above the “new year – year number 2” has taken place so we have survived the first year and the game is well played. So now you can move on – fingers crossed.

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