Fuel cheat guide HOI4

If we want to talk about most used cheats in HOI4, fuel cheat is one of them. In today’s article, I will show you how this cheat works and when to use it.

How does the fuel cheat work?

Cheat fuel is the same as the manpower cheat because it has only one variable [NUMBER]. This determines how much fuel you get into your current storages.

fuel [NUMBER]

If you don’t set any number, you will get 999 fuel in your storage. Otherwise, you can set up any number. If you use – (minus) before the number, you can increase fuel you already have. Remember that the amount of fuel you can get from the cheat is limitedyou can’t have more fuel than your storage.

There are typical fuel cheats variables that you can use…

  • fuel 100000
  • fuel 250000
  • fuel 500000

If you use a lot of mechanized units / air units / tanks, you will use these cheats often. Running out the fuel means the stop sign for your units and their easy defeat.

Alternative way to increase fuel with cheats

Alternative way (and also long-term way) to increase fuel can be increasing your fuel production. All you need to do is to do a special research with which you can produce fuel in a refinery.

After that you should pause the game and use instantconstruction (ic) to allow an instant build. This will help you build more refineries. Remember that it is important to pause the game before instantconstruction, mainly because this allows the AI to build immediately. So build and then disable this cheat again. Otherwise, the AI will gain an advantage in addition to you.

When to use the fuel cheat?

This cheat can be used as a temporary / fast solution in case you have problems with fuel shortage. You can also use it to stabilize your nation after using add_equipment cheat, where it can give you a lot of mechanized units that consume fuel. But as I mentioned above, this cheat is temporary and the best long-term solution would be increasing the production of fuel in refineries.

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