Multiplayer for Cities Skylines 2

Multiplayer is one of most requested wish for Cities Skylines 2 but is it realistic that the new version will have multiplayer? I will try to answer that in today’s article.

There could be two ways how could multiplayer works:

  • active multiplayer on one map
  • asynchronous multiplayer in one community

Both perspectives have something in common. The question is how realistic and appropriate they are for the style of game that Cities Skylines is. Each one brings something completely different.

For me I don’t need active multiplayer like latest SimCity because it was really boring find good players which will play with me on one map. So I’m bigger fan of asynchronous multiplayer, but we will look closer on each opinion.

Active multiplayer on one map

I don’t know why will be good have active multiplayer when there will be two or more players playing on one map. If Cities Skylines will have a strong community and many assets so it can be expected that it will be very challenging to pass information between players.

This active multiplayer was on latest SimCity let’s recall the maps…

SimCity maps with multiple cities on one place.

… on which you could play on specific spaces on map (probably because synchronization) and cities could interact between by highway or trains. The biggest problem was that this cities was small so you couldn’t build endlessly.

This will be challenge if Colossal Order will go in this way of multiplayer in new Cities Skylines 2. I think that this type of multiplayer have big costs. “Not big” rather i could use “very very very very big” which should be risky and I don’t know if there are a lot of players which will be we’re happy to have multiplayer this generic.

Let’s remember what it was like to play SimCity in the beginning when they had a server problem and the game didn’t really work. I rather think Paradox will want to avoid that route and we’ll get something a bit more complex and actually be happier.

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Asynchronous multiplayer in communities

The thing which will be probably more realistic is asynchronous multiplayer in which will players building and live in bigger communities / countries. These cities could be connected with highway / trains / boats / planes but you couldn’t see another players.

In short, I would guess that if we see multiplayer, it will be more of an economic multiplayer. In which the individual mechanics ala tourism, resources and other things that leave the borders of your city will be connected.

Economy multiplayer will be probably that way

So if you don’t have enough materials then you could buy material from other cities in your near community. Also you could focus on types of industry which will be needed. Also there could be some social events in community so you will must connect to another communities to get help.

I don’t know how long any other player play in your own cities. Yes if you build “on beauty” then you will probably play a lot of hours. But asynchronous multiplayer could be feature which will increase playing time of normal people. Because they could integrate with others and events will be great entertainment.

What about co-op mode?

The question is about co-op mode. I think that Cities Skylines 2 will have enough content. To not include this mode. And also is important question will be there a lot of people which will play this mode?

Personally, I probably wouldn’t play co-op mode, and in this case I’m one of the more conservative players (probably the majority). But it’s possible that it will be handled somehow significantly better than its spiritual predecessor SimCity, which failed in my eyes.

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