Natural disasters in Cities Skylines

In latest SimCity was one funny thing which was natural disasters. In vanilla Cities Skylines this game feature won’t. But after years developers from Paradox Interactive announce and implement DLC natural disasters which implement 7 natural disasters. Let’s take look on these disasters.

Available natural disasters in Cities Skylines

As I mention above in Cities Skylines are 7 natural disasters which are:

  • Tsunami
  • Tornado
  • Thunderstorm
  • Earthquake
  • Sinkholes
  • Forest Fire
  • Meteor Strik
  • Collapse
  • Fire

Every disaster is specific and you could prevent these disasters with counteract disasters. Which will notice you and you will have some time to preparation. Anyway, if you have this DLC activated you must prepare for potential problems also you must calculate with your budget to have enough money on your account to provide help your citizens.

Turn of natural disasters in Cities Skylines

If you need disable natural disasters then you could deactivate DLC and you won’t have features which this DLC brings or you could just turn of natural disasters in-game when you do this…

Options menu > Gameplay tab > Enable random disasters > Turn it off

… if you turn off this DLC then you miss service buildings with helicopters like fire fighting helicopter, medical helicopter and police helicopter which should help you to speed up individual interventions. I don’t feel like you have to turn off the DLC in the game. Just turn it off in the Steam library and you probably won’t lose anything.

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