Cities Skylines: Plazas and Promenades

After eight months, we’ve got another DLC for Cities Skylines. This DLC will as the name suggests focus on parks, plazas, and pedestrian districts. In short, to make your city less car-centric and more beautiful overall.

Let’s take a look at the trailer and recap what we know today.

As we always do, we’ll start with the trailer…

Unfortunately, we don’t know the release date yet. The DLC is only announced as available soon. However, according to the trailer, we can conclude that this expansion will be interesting, especially for players who want to have the most beautiful cities and really handle every detail.

One of the plazas from the trailer

It looks like we will be able to build even nicer cities and address public space much more. But don’t worry from the trailer it looks like the pedestrian zone will be crossed by the police as well as a city bus if needed.

What will be added with Plazas & Promenades in Cities Skylines?

  • pedestrian streets
  • 3 pedestrian zones
  • car-free areas
  • new city-service buildings (like service points, districts)
  • over 300+ new assets

The challenges ahead?

On the face of it, I’ll try to speculate and say that it might be an interesting challenge to build a pedestrian-only city and transport everyone to another part of the city for work. I can’t say if it would work, but I’ll definitely try it.

Buses lines in the middle of pedestrian zones from the trailer

The second thing is that I’ll look at Google Maps to see what Copenhagen or Amsterdam looks like, because I think there are a lot of pedestrian zones there, and it will be a challenge to build some kind of similar city. I hope we’ll get a customized map for this theme too – that would be great!

Is DLC Plazas & Promenades worth?

For now, it’s hard to judge if it will be worth it for everyone or not. I will probably judge it better with the price. However, I am currently planning to get it in my library and I can recommend it to anyone who wants nicer and more sophisticated cities.

Last question for the end?

Will parking lots be added to the game? Because now this feature isn’t in game and people who travel out of town for work and who live in a car-free zone have to park somewhere! I look forward to the answer.

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