Cities Skylines: Plazas and Promenades

After eight months, we’ve got another DLC for Cities Skylines. This DLC is focused on parks, plazas and pedestrian districts. In shor you should make your city less car-centric and more beautiful. In my point of view this DLC is great for experience builders which want makes different cities.

As we always do, we’ll start with the trailer…

… Plazas and Promenades was released in 14th September 2022 and will cost you around 14,99€ or $14.99 if you don’t buy this DLC in sale. I personally own this DLC and yes there are a lot of mixed reviews on Steam but in my opinion this was feature which was missing in Cities Skylines 1.

However, according to the trailer, playing with this expansion is interesting, especially for players who wants build the most beautiful cities and really handle every detail. Wit this DLC you should!

One of the plazas from the trailer

Great thing about pedestrian zones is that there aren’t cars. So you must focus on pedestrian infrastructure like paths and public transport systems. You should connect your citizens with underground metro or you should build “mixed” roads and allow to pass your pedestrian zones with buses or trams. Also on this roads could ride all city services cars.

Main features added in Plazas & Promenades

  • new type of city districts where cars can’t pass
  • services points which connects your services with pedestrian zones
  • over 300 new assets, like new parks, monuments, buildings
  • pedestrian roads in more types (colors)
  • new services buildings which looks more futuristic

Is DLC Plazas & Promenades worth?

In my point of view is DLC Plazas & Promenades is worth if you are experienced player. If you are new player of Cities Skylines then you should buy better DLC which expand you game more. This DLC isn’t bad but is better for advanced players which want build more sophisticated cities.

The challenges ahead?

Second reason why to build this DLC is “challenge” to build only city which will be one big pedestrian zone. You must start in small because pedestrian zones aren’t opened at start and you must reach milestones to open pedestrian zones. This should be big challenge for you because you must focus on public transport and cargo conections.

Buses lines in the middle of pedestrian zones from the trailer

The second thing is that I’ll look at Google Maps to see what Copenhagen or Amsterdam looks like, because I think there are a lot of pedestrian zones there, and it will be a challenge to build some kind of similar city. I hope we’ll get a customized map for this theme too – that would be great!

If you search mole challenges from Cities Skylines you should try challenge to build only offices and not build “orange” zones in your city. More informations about this challenge you should see in Offices vs Industrial zones in Cities Skylines.

Last question for the end?

One of question which was on the table around “pedestrian zones” was about parking lots. This feature could make sense to build on edges of your pedestrian zones where they should park and after that go by their own foots. This feature was added in 1Q2023 and more you should read in our article about that. And is good news that this feature is confirmed in new Cities Skylines 2.

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