Summer Game Fest 2023 in strategy gamers point of view.

Is it here successor to E3 expo conference in the form of a few days of streams, and we’re there. Let’s look which strategy games get new announcement, release dates and much more. Sit back and relax, the most important thing for strategy game lovers is here.

Summer Game Fest main stream

New 4X game called Stellaris Nexus

In one os smalls block we get announcement about Stellaris Nexus. It offers us 4X game experience which means eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. It looks like small version of actual version of Stellaris and it will be turn based.

Why you should be interested in this main features:

  • 4X game in Stellaris universum
  • Multiplayer (Up to 6 people)
  • Conquer the galaxy
  • All in ~1 hour

You should look on their Steam Page. It looks like new concept of quickly game which will take you more into action quickly and you could enjoy game in less time.

Screen of Stellaris Nexus from official steam

I suppose you’ll ask, so no it’s not a mobile game. There is now mobile version which is available on stores. It has 500K+ downloads and it offers you typical gameplay. With its presence on Steam, we can be sure that this will be something different!

Screen of Stellaris Nexus map from official steam

Paradox is super quick 🖤 as usual and here is trailer which was published. Nothing more that we could grab onto. I look forward to hearing more.

Stellaris like game called Star Trek Infinite

After some minutes we get small taste from game Star Trek infinite which looks also like Stellaris and is also from Paradox Interactive so I think that this will be some collaboration in concepts?

Based on official informations we will get more info on 16th of June. And Star Trek infinite isn’t mobile game!

Simulation / strategy game called Cart Life

On second steam called DAY OF THE DEVS dropped new game which has apparently been worked on before. It looks a lot like Papers Please, but it’s much deeper and obviously allows us to do a bit more in game features. In the game, we take care of three characters who start their business.

We’ll have to watch the expenses, decide what to do and survive. That’s going to require a certain amount of strategy, right? It’s more of a simulation, but you might like it. You should add game to wishlist. Images are from Steam page.

Wholesome Direct

Great relax in Station to Station

On Wholesome direct won’t much strategy games. So I’m very happy to show you Station to Station game in which is voxel art game with trains. This game isn’t primary focused on strategy genre but it is minimalist and relaxing and if you want you could play for higher score.

Source: Steam

So if you like OpenTTD / Mashinky or Transport Fever then you probably will like Station To Station too. Game will came later in 2023 and will be available only on PC (windows). Inspiration for this game was provided by Mini Metro, Train Valley or Dorfromantik.

Station to station official trailer

Main features of Station to Station:

  • Start with a small world, place stations, and create connections to foster growth and expansion.
  • Enjoy visually stunning voxel-art landscapes, colorful biomes and bring them to life.
  • Test your management and planning skills with optional challenges.
  • In game you could stack bonuses, and enjoy unique mechanics tied to different biomes.

More informations about Station to Station you could find on Steam page.

Lakeburg Legacies

Another game which looks that have some strategy elements inside and also looks great! Lakeburg Legacies is a captivating village management sim that offers a unique blend of matchmaking, resource management, and strategy. As the ruler, you’ll pair up townsfolk to create strong and happy couples, balancing their preferences and flaws.

Source: Steam page

With procedural gameplay, random events, and visitor interactions, each playthrough is different, providing high replayability. The game’s focus on love, legacy building, and inclusivity, along with its strategic depth and immersive gameplay, make Lakeburg Legacies a compelling choice for those seeking a refreshing and engaging gaming experience.

This game you should follow on your Steam and in 2023 will be published.

Future Games Show


In later 2023 will come strategic RTS called Homeseek which look like post apocalyptic survival city builder which has multiplayer elements. Game combines resource management, challenging decision-making, and competitive multiplayer gameplay.

With its thought-provoking narrative centered around water scarcity and the collapse of civilization, the game presents a unique and relevant scenario that reflects real-world environmental challenges.

Screen from Homeseek from Steam page.

Whether you enjoy exploring captivating stories, testing your strategic prowess, or competing against other players, Homeseek provides hours of engaging gameplay and the opportunity to lead a group of survivors on a quest for survival and rebuilding in a dried-up wasteland.

Game will be available later in 2023. Minimum requirements seem ok for classic PC – game will be available on windows. You should add it on Steam to wishlist.

Space Gears

Another game which was new for me is called Space Gears. This game is online strategy PVP which will be free to play and you could request access to play-test now in which you should take part.

SteamWorld Build

in this game you will be “architect” of western town of robots. You have to feed your robots, provide them houses and entertainment. But this isn’t just typical builder. Under your town is abandoned mine in which are technologies and threats. You need to motivate your robots to mine resources and also be safe. The main goal is easy you need to hightail off the planet!

Bellow you could find SteamWorld announcement trailer which you probably yet seen. And also you could view two hours of gameplay from Raptor. On Steam you could play demo now.

New Cycle

When I first see this game I think that this is Frostpunk 2, but it looks like a brand new game that is very similar to what we saw last year from Farthest Frontier. If you want to see combination of these two game then you need to watch this game more on their Steam page.

How looks New Cycle image from Steam page

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

In last block we get reminder that is available Laysara: Summit Kingdom on Steam where you should play demo of this game. This game is city builder game in which you are building city on mountain, so you have challenges with lack of resources and also you’ll be standing against avalanches that threaten your city and its people. What is interesting and unusual is the verticality and the need to think differently. I like that and that’s why you should be interested.

Here you should watch video from Raptor in which are 34 minutes of gameplay…

… if you are interested you could open this game on Steam and download demo. The game is now available on Windows only. Game is now in early access and will be available in 2023.

Company of Heroes goes on console

One of latests strategy game which was on Future Games Show was mention about Company of Heores which was published on 30th May on Xbox and PS5. So if you are fan of this game and you don’t play COH3 on computer you could try consoles.

I will continue 11th of June with next streams

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