Trailers analysis of Cities Skylines 2

We got trailer of Cities Skylines 2. This trailer isn’t in-game. But we could get some information from this trailer. After video we will look on each important frames and I will recap why information on these frames are important for us.

On article bellow you could see all trailers analysis which I will gradually added when they will be available. And also there are some of mine takeways. All of the things are speculation until we will get gameplay trailer. So I hope that some of my wishes will be granted at least 15% and that I will at least hit something.

Announcement trailer I.

Before analysis we will start with announcement trailer to remind you.

0:12 – Trailer start undeground

Trailer starts in in underground and we can see that there are cables going underground, which gradually start to go up and then turn into a lamp. This should means new level of detail in services. With the seed that grows in the first few seconds, maybe some more maintenance will be more important.

Source official trailer

0:14 – It’s time to start from beginning

It’s time to start from beginning

This should mean announcement of new game. Or also this could lead to one of speculation about new game engine that Colossal Order developers restart the game from engine.

0:21 – Unreal Engine 5 speculation

In 0:21 we could see that lamp turns on and we could see information that trailer is “not actual gameplay” so Cities Skylines 2 will look different than current version of trailer. But important part is gas station in middle of this frame…

Source official trailer

… this gas station triggered a wave of speculation when youtube City Planner Plays discovered that it is one of the assets for Unreal Engine 5. (actualization) We get fooled with this. Colossal Order confirmed that Cities Skylines 2 will be in Unity based. This screen could also show that maps will be large. Because city is in the distance.

0:25 – Traffic on highway

On another screen we could see traffic in more lines. Also we could see maintenance on highway. Gradually our camera passes a fire truck and then the camera continues under a bridge that is under construction. We should se realistic directional signs and all theme is American.

This could mean that for us will be important traffic also was in Cities Skylines 1. Probably there should be more detail like maintenance and in-build / programmatically generated decorations?

Source official trailer

0:32 – Smooth and decorated roundabout

This part is calm for me. We should see smooth traffic. Yes this isn’t in-game but could mean for us that there will be more details around buildings which won’t be in grids and city will looks more realistic. Also I mentioned in pervious frame there should be programmatically generated decorations?

Source official trailer

0:35 – This city has a story

This city has a story

In another frame we could see living city and quote can really mean a lot. The first thing I imagine is that each person in the game could have their own unique life. At least on some more general level, and that would be incredible. This could mean that every person in city will have own rutine. And this will be huge. But back to the frame.

We should to see buildings that build on each other better. The question is how this will translate into the game, but multy-zones is something we players would really like. This details could bring something the first episode didn’t have, and that was variety. So hopefully they’ll implement it well.

Source official trailer

0:38 – Differences between districts?

On this frame we could see living streets. Also there could be details from which we should speculate that there will be better connections of districts and different styles. On left you could see more old buildings but on other side you could see modern buildings with green trees. I am very much looking forward to how these details will be handled in the European style, for example. But again, we will see this more in the next trailer.

Source official trailer

0:44 – Realistic models

After road there is a shot of a skyscraper and perfect reflections. This could be again one of the features of the Unreal Engine in which this trailer was made, but maybe this is some tease for the engine in which will be Cities Skylines 2 made. And that the whole city will look better and we will be able to “enjoy” it more.

Source official trailer

0:53 – Realistic weather and detailed street.

Another great detail is weather which looks great. Probably there will be more climatic details which confirm another frames in which are changed seasons (bellow). But also we could see on this frame hydrants which we see some times before.

We also see that cars parking on sidewalk (realistic parking systems 🤔 ), also we could see bicycle lanes (so this traffic will be in main game?) and more detailed direction signs. And also you could see full garbage. For me this could means that cities will be more detailed and you could go deeper.

Source official trailer

1:00 – Complex buildings / economic multiplayer

Another important part is this a rich harbor that’s full of cargo ships. This would indicate that trade would be more important and would be supportive for asynchronous multiplayer in which our cities will be connected by cargo lanes and they will make deals between so multiplayer will be on economic layers.

Or this could means that we will get more complex service buildings like was in latest SimCity. Imagine game feature in which you could upgrade your services to big buildings. This should be awesome.

Source official trailer

1:13 – Seasons transformations

After harbor there is view on park. Some people say that these images are “in-game” footage because they are on Steam page and one of rule of Steam is that you must have in-game photos. But the important part is that we could see there will be dynamical seasons which will affect our cities and this should lead to new challenges for us players.

1:18 – More realistic and slow building will be a thing?

Another part in which we could see slow buildings. This could be reality elements for trailer or this could mean that we will wait on buildings until they will be build. Also we could see higher skylines so this should mean that our downtown will have larges building than pervious C:S?

Source official trailer

1:25 – Unique buildings

And after And right after “flying” through the construction site we see a completely different building than are other. From achievements we know that developers calls some of new buildings like “signature buildings” => So I think that there will be new unique buildings game feature. Probably they will be also more customizable.

Source official trailer

1:28 – Living streets

But back to streets. We could see another living streets and I have to remind you again that we are looking at the trailer and not the gameplay footage. If this was what the game looked like it would be amazing – I know.

From this frame we could see different streets as I mention above. Also we could seen yellow cars (so there will be taxis?) also multiple types of cars (more realistic by the standard of living and the needs of the population ???). On left you could see entrance to the underground garage. And also we could see mixed zones on right.

Source official trailer

1:33 – Airplanes

After full street of life we could see planes which I think may again refer to that connection with other players I mention above. There may already be more detailed airport management built into the base game. But it’s more likely to point to that economic multiplayer. Also this could refer to traveling systems and this should mean that your people will need more services and focus from you.

Source official trailer

1:46 – Construction workers

After the shot of the slowly building skyscrapers, we have a change again. A bridge and a gradual move away from the city. We should see live traffic, construction workers and scenery of city with tall skyscrapers. Simulations can be interesting. I’m looking forward to it very much!

Source official trailer

1:48 – Huge city at the end

One of lates frame on city was this one. After this there was growing building which cover this view. We could see skylines, but also we could see more smaller and natural buildings. This should mean that our cities will be more realistic – I’ve hope! Also there are middle buildings in right parts. So I’ve hope that there will be more highs of buildings because “small” and “big” wasn’t as good as it looked. On image you could see how real cities look like for me and I hope I can watch similar scenery in C:S 2.

Source official trailer

What was missing in first trailer?

In first trailer I definitely miss public transport. There was bus, taxi and plane but what about metro/trams/trains. We also see just some parts of city we don’t get any informations about countryside which should be important in new C:S 2. And also I didn’t see much industrial zones. Also there won’t be a lot of basic services.

And at the end we don’t get much new informations about new game features just some speculations from wishes which I want to see. Probably we will get more trailers in future I think and that will show other parts of cities so beautifully. But much more we will look forward to the gameplay trailer. So fingers crossed for Colossal and I’m already looking forward to more content!

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