Victoria III is here – first day!

Now It’s 18:00 and I started downloading new Victoria III. Let’s go – more content will be linked in this article in this days. This article will be our main article with all main informations and links to good sources. If you know about something special write us!

Last update: 27.10.2022 at 00:31

How many players playing Victoria III right now?

On the very day of the game’s release in the evening, the record of 70,100 active players in the evening was broken. Since then, the number of active players has not dropped below 39,000. That maximum is significantly more than Hearts of Iron IV had on release day, so it’s safe to say that this year’s Victoria III is a long-awaited hit.

How was the first games?

I tried Sweden first – I’m still learning how to play and grow properly in terms of economics. I accidentally got dragged into a war where I went up against France and Russia alongside Prussia, but I lost and the war put me in a spiral of debt.

Final featured countries

I started the second game for Belgium (yes it is recommended) and they are in a completely different state than Sweden. There is an industry already built up and it builds nicely on what you learn just for Sweden. I haven’t finished further yet because it’s now crashed. But I’m getting back into the game and I’m going to keep playing!

Read more on which countries play in Victoria III?

From my first experience I noticed that the task of increasing GDP could be more difficult so I decided to write a guide on how to increase GDP in Victoria III which should help you with this first task and move you along faster.

In the second game for Belgium I got much further than in the game for Sweden. But then the challenge came to become a power nation and somehow. Unfortunately, I had already fallen to major nation and was in danger of falling to minor nation if I didn’t fulfill the requirement of growing up with prestige. So I made a “union with France” where I practically joined their market and became dependent on them…

…this led to the game telling me that I couldn’t be better than top 7 – I panicked and left the union as soon as I could. But then what happened was that my market split in two. The one with a lot of it and the one with a little. So the total end problem in prices and my balanced economy fell apart.

Well I had a prestige problem in my third game for Chile. Again I fell back a rung and couldn’t get back. However, I managed to find out where the problem was and that’s how I came up with a guide on how to increase prestige of country.

Unfortunately, the fourth game session didn’t bring success either. This time I chose Japan, because I was already confident in the economic part of the game and the prestige – so I expected to keep everything. But the opposite was true. Unfortunately I messed up the game on living standards so I have compiled a guide that should help.

Screenshots from mine playing

One of the most interesting parts is the resources – it’s one of the first screenshots I took in the game and I’ve updated the article with the resource layout. See where you can mine coal or iron in Victoria III.

Screenshot from creating export trade routes in Victoria III
Screen from launcher in Victoria III

Release trailer of Victoria III

After a few hours, I discovered that Victoria III also got a new release trailer.

So if you haven’t seen it yet it’s below.

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