Distribution of resources in Victoria III

One of the necessities of Victoria III is raw materials. You need to have access to them, either through the market or through mining them yourself. In this article, I will show you basic techniques through which you can find out where the resources are and also how to prepare resource maps.

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How are the raw materials distributed?

All the raw materials we want to mine are determined from the beginning and can be found in the same locations as in the real world. So where coal is or has historically been, there it will be available to you (if you know the history of the industrial revolution you will simply know). First, we can say that Europe is very well-supplied.

How to open a specific resource map in Victoria 3?

  1. Open Markets tab or press F4
  2. Click on specific material which you want to discover
  3. Click on the highlighted icon of production
  4. Zoom out and view the map

As a result, you will be able to see who has what raw materials and who you want to work with in case you are short of specific raw materials.

Instructions with screenshots from the game

1. step: Open Markets tab or pres F4

In the image below, you can see where the Markets icon is.

2. step: Click on specific material which you want to discover

In the image below you can see that to filter specific raw materials, you need to select the Iron.

3. step: Click on the highlighted icon

Here you can see the potential (where is the raw material located), the production (where is the raw material currently already mined/produced) or the consumption (where is the raw material used).

Where to find resource maps in Victoria III

4. step: Zoom out and view the map

In general, the greener the map, the more resources are found on the site and the richer the deposit. Information about each province can be found by pointing the cursor at it.

Resource map of Iron in Europe in Victoria III (sample)
Detail of the state’s resource of iron marked by color.

Resources potential maps in Victoria III


Coal is available on every continent. It is most abundant in Europe, but it can also be found in Asia or South Africa, where is a competition for colonies.

A special article about coal

Coal resource map in Europe in Victoria III.
Coal resource map in Africa in Victoria III.
Coal resource map in Asia in Victoria III.
Coal resource map in America in Victoria III.


The second most important raw material is Iron. Most of it can be found in Europe – everyone seems to have enough. You can also find a lot of it in Asia, and there’s plenty of it in America. However, don’t forget that you will probably have to fight other countries for Iron there.

Iron resource map in Europe/Africa/Asia in Victoria III.
Iron resource map in America in Victoria III.


Another raw material is Sulfur. In the game, there is a little of it and you will have to trade with it most likely. Be careful if you have enough. Specific maps can be found below. More information about Sulfur in Victoria 3.

Sulfur resource map in Europe/Africa/Asia in Victoria III.
Sulfur resource map in America in Victoria III.


It isn’t anything new if I say that Wood is available wherever trees grow. Wood can be found practically in every country except perhaps in deserts and other inhospitable environments.

Wood resource map in America in Victoria III.
Wood resource map in Europe/Africa/Asia in Victoria III.


Main sources of Grain are in Qing and East India Company. Europe has significantly lower Grain yields than these countries. However, it is clear that in Europe there is not so much need for Grain because by a simple rule – more populous countries, greater need for Grain.

Distribution of Grain in Victoria III.


Next on the list is Fish. Fish as the logic of it hint is available in every country that is located by the sea. Some places have more of it, some places less. In general, it’s a good way to get food. In this case, I didn’t take a picture of the whole map, but the detail will be enough for the idea.

Distribution of fish in Victoria III.


Oil distribution is a bit tricky in Victoria 3. First, you need to find oil fields and then you can extract the Oil. More about Oil can be found in my article where, besides the use, can be found more about where the oil is located and what you have to do to extract the oil.


Silk is an interesting raw material. This is initially available only in Asia and you have to trade it. In case you need more of it, you will be able to build Synthetic Plants and produce it by yourself in later phases of the game. For more about Silk, see the article.

Distribution of silk in early phases of game

Can I customize the distribution of raw materials?

I’ve looked through the more advanced settings of the game and unfortunately, there is no tab to change the layout of the resources (for example to random). With a high possibility, a mod will be created in the future. We will keep an eye on it.

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