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Our love for strategy games was behind why we decided to start website about them StrateGGames. After tens of years of playing games like OpenTTD, and SimCity to the latest hits like HOI4, and CK3 we decided to start this site because.

You can find the most interesting strategy games in the top menu – I try to break them down by strategy sub-genre. Also, we are looking for upcoming strategy games in a special category here.

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We’re not another random site. We play the games ourselves, our tutorials are based on experience, and we explore how single-player game mechanics work. We’re not afraid to go deep. And we believe you’ll appreciate that from us.

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How get more gold/levies from vassals in Crusader Kings 3?

In Crusader Kings III, effectively managing your vassals is crucial to maintaining stability and expanding your realm. This includes maintaining positive relationships, addressing vassal concerns, and strategically appointing responsibilities.

Increasing gold and levies from vassals can be achieved through strategies such as modifying vassal contracts, utilizing stewardship perks, increasing control in counties, and borrowing money. Balancing these strategies with maintaining positive relations and vassal loyalty is key to successful rule.

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Increasing vassal opinion in Crusader Kings 3

In Crusader Kings 3, there are various ways to increase vassal opinion and maintain stability within your realm. Using the sway action, befriending vassals, and even seducing them can gradually improve their opinion of you.

Additionally, giving them money, titles, and a seat on your council can also strengthen your relationship and prevent rebellions. By understanding and satisfying vassal stances, discovering secrets, and managing your domain limit, you can create a stable and harmonious realm in the game.

In my today article we will look on this solutions deeper so let’s start!

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What makes great vassal in CK3?

In Crusader Kings 3, traits play a crucial role in determining what makes a great vassal. Positive traits such as Content, Trusting, Humble, Patient, and Craven promote loyalty and reduce the likelihood of vassals challenging authority or joining factions.

On the other hand, negative traits like Ambitious, Arrogant, Impatient, and Brave can lead to rebellious behavior and plots against their liege. Additionally, cultural and religious compatibility should be considered when selecting vassals, as differences in these aspects can impact vassal opinion and potentially lead to faction creation.

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