All we know about Cities Skylines 2

Colossal Order returns

Was one of top sentences in Paradox Announcement Show invitation which was at 6th of Mart on 17:00 GMT. On announcement show was a lot of games from Paradox interactive but for us was important information if there will be new Cities Skylines 2 or not.

And now we know that Cities Skylines 2 are announced and will be available in 2023.

🤔 So what we expect from Cities Skylines 2? 🏙️

More information of release date

Release date of new Cities Skylines 2 will be in later 2023.

For now we have just trailer so this date will be specified in next months.

New Cities Skylines II

Which features will Cities Skylines 2 have?

Main features which I see in trailer are:

  • The Cities Skylines 2 will be in Unreal. Confirmed that will be Unity based!
  • More challenges and more choices we will be visionary and creator of cities.
  • We could see more live in cities and I hope that everyone will have own life.
  • More focus on realistic. Probably developers will use advanced AI.
  • Probably it looks like there will be modular buildings.
  • Also we could see that there will be constructions.
  • New Cities Skylines 2 will be more photogenic.
  • We will have realistic weather and seasons.
  • Differences between buildings by streets.
  • More realistic traffics and roads.
  • Mixed buildings / zones.
There will be focus on new roads and traffic?!

Speculation about more features:

  • Lot of parts will be programmatically generated.
  • You could use and develop real cities?
  • Raytracing and collaboration with GeForce Now.
  • Probably there could be life quality metrics?

On forums and Reddit are threads about features and wishes.
I’ve created big article about mine and community wishes.

Best citations from trailer:

It’s time to start from the beginning yet evolve into something new.

The city has story.

Here… you are the visionary. You are the creator. You make Cities.

On which platform will be Cities Skylines 2 available?

For now we know that Cities Skylines 2 will be available on PC as usual and on next-gen consoles. I don’t know if will be available in starting day but it will be which could be good information for strategy games players which plays on consoles.

Also game will be available on GeForce Now what we know from leaks. And in one of trailers we could see icon from Xbox Game Pass so probably will be Cities Skylines 2 available here too.

Will be in C:S 2 achievements?

According one of leaks of achievements. We know that in Cities Skylines 2 will be around 40 achievements. I don’t know how much accurate will be this list because I can’t verify the values in the sources available to me, but the following information can be read behind the achievements.

  • You will assign services to specific districts.
  • There will be multiple services which will be open continuously.
  • You will maintain transport line like Cargo or Passangers.
  • In base game probably will be natural disasters.
    • hailstorm
    • tornado
    • forest fire
    • rat infestation
  • In game will be specific polices which you could asing to districts.
  • There could be 150 map tiles so maps will be really big.
  • You could follow life-path of your citizens.
  • There will be four zone types.

Which languages will be supported in Cities Skylines 2?

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish – Latin America

Will be in Cities Skylines 2 multiplayer?

I my personal opinion if there will be multiplayer I think they will shows this in announcement trailer because this change will be huge. So I think in C:S 2 won’t be multiplayer which we knows from SimCity but there could be asynchronous multiplayer. More informations about multiplayer.

Will have Cities Skylines 2 DLC’s?

As every game from Paradox Interactive and pervious Cities Skylines I have to say that Cities Skylines 2 will get DLC’s. This way is good to extend experience and extend game features after years from the release. The question, however, is what DLC from the first Cities Skylines will make it into the original game. Personally, I hope there will be as many as possible.

Price of new Cities Skylines 2

In my personal opinion price will start around $59,99 and 59,99€ depends on your currency. Or it will be same as Victoria 3 around $49,99 and 49,99€ but I think that Cities Skylines 2 will be more hyped so will have higher price.

Announcement trailer for Cities Skylines 2

If you don’t have enough of new Cities Skylines 2 you could look on trailer which doesn’t have gameplay footage but you can breathe through it an atmosphere that will hopefully soon be a reality for us.

Older parts of our article about Cities Skylines 2

Older part of the article which I’ve wrote when I didn’t know exactly if there will be new C:S 2. On lines bellow you could see mine speculations and discussions why we should get new Cities Skylines 2.

Why we will should get new Cities Skylines?

Cities Skylines are one of most successful strategy game which is available on market now. Colossal Order takes care of the game and has been continuously receiving new DLC and expansions since 2015. Cities Skylines has gradually risen to fame, and for the last few years there are still around 17,000 active players.

Around 15k – 20k average active players is very good if we will talk about strategy games. What’s even better is that Cities Skylines has been around this line for a few years. That could mean that there are a lot of active players but in mine opinion we can see that the game has a huge fan base which don’t play everyday.

There is big modding community in Steam Workshop, Cities Skylines are popular on consoles, they have VR version. Also there is around 50 DLC (/additional packages) which drives player experience.

Cities Skylines still have new DLC’s and content. Latest changes was 13th December 2022
Source: Steam Store

The facts above could be gold mine for Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive. At the same time, let’s face it, the developers may be slowly running out of ways to expand the game further. If they wanted to take a bigger leap forward, there’s only one option, and that’s a new sequel called Cities Skylines 2.

What should be in new Cities Skylines 2?

Main features which you should expect from CS2:

  • Usage more AI to simulate more complex cities and ecosystems.
  • More variety and choices to build more different Cities.
  • Incorporated great features from Steam Workshop from Cities Skylines.
  • Deeper city infrastructure, deeper districts, deeper customization.
  • Integration all DLC which we have available now in one game.

More about these features I will introduce you bellow.

Since 2015 there are a lot of things changes in game industry. I think that we should expect that Colossal Order will use a lot of AI. In huge simulation/strategy games like could be new Cities Skylines 2 there’s a lot to calculate, predict and simulate. AI could bring more realistic to game and this could be good for players looks for deeper experience.

One of screenshot from Cities Skylines Financial District DLC
Source: Steam Shop

AI features which could be in game are simulation of bigger maps where could be multiple cities which means to simulation of multiple economics. And AI should be used to deeper simulation of your city.

Other thing which could be different from Cities Skylines are the variety and choices the game will offer. Although I do not belong to the part who would cuddle their town custom looks (I have a weaker PC) so I believe that the group of people who focus on beauty is large. Is question how much things will be in base game, but I believe that now should be game more bigger.

What I hope is that Cities Skylines 2 will be more detailed in features which will be available in vanilla game. On Steam Workshop are lot of mods which was great. One of best mod is to unlock more tiles or here are good traffics mods. Players show developers what they need and hope the developers incorporate the best of them to the game.

Another thing which I personally expect is deeper game mechanics like infrastructure or districts. This mechanics was easy in Cities Skylines but I thing that this with more AI and more experience could. There could be working seasons and developers could use things like collectors and other urban infrastructure. I’d definitely be in favor of some more complex mechanics here.

What I liked a lot about the spiritual predecessor to Cities Skylines called SimCity was the building upgrades. I would have loved it if there was an option for that as well. Having the ability to upgrade individual buildings to change their properties would be excellent. Again, some complexity, but I think we’re ready for it.

At the end what I believe that Cities Skylines 2 will start with deeper features. My point is that we don’t have to wait for more advanced stuff and that the best of the current DLC that Cities Skylines has to provide is used.

When will be Cities Skylines 2 announced?

As I mention in first lines. There will be big chance that Cities Skylines 2 will be introduced March 6, 2023 on Paradox Announcement Show event in which they will cooperate with Xbox and GeForce Now. This will be big and why not to announce new a game which a lot of players love?

Paradox Announcement Show 2023 event

Are chances for announcement Cities Skylines 2 big?

I think that there are a lot of things which show us that there probably will ne new sequel of Cities Skylines. More information you could see in mine article Leaks about Cities Skylines 2.


Now It’s time to wait to next monday. I think that is very big chance that we will get Cities Skylines 2. But if we don’t get new CS 2 I’m convinced that Colossal Order is gonna deliver another hit. If you want to get more information about Cities Skylines 2 then you can subscribe to the newsletter below and I will keep you updated about this game myself.

I know I should curb my enthusiasm and it’s possible we might not get CS2, but if we do and it’s a level away from what we have now. It’s gonna be a blast!

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