Increasing vassal opinion in Crusader Kings 3

In Crusader Kings 3, there are various ways to increase vassal opinion and maintain stability within your realm. Using the sway action, befriending vassals, and even seducing them can gradually improve their opinion of you.

Additionally, giving them money, titles, and a seat on your council can also strengthen your relationship and prevent rebellions. By understanding and satisfying vassal stances, discovering secrets, and managing your domain limit, you can create a stable and harmonious realm in the game.

In my today article we will look on this solutions deeper so let’s start!

Top 5 tips how increase vassals opinion
  • Use sway/befriend/seduce methods.
  • Give them money for loyalty.
  • Grant titles to increase importance.
  • Give them a seat on your council.
  • Host feasts and satisfy stances.

Sway/Befriend/Seduce ways

One effective method is to use the sway action, which allows you to gradually improve relations with a specific vassal over time. By selecting the vassal you want to sway and initiating the action, you can work towards increasing their opinion of you. This is especially useful for vassals who have a negative opinion or are at risk of joining factions against your rule.

Additionally, the Befriend Perk from the Family Hierarch Diplomacy tree enables you to initiate Befriend schemes on other characters, including your vassals. When successful, this scheme provides a significant opinion boost of +60, making the vassal more loyal and less likely to rebel.

Another option is to use seduction to establish a positive opinion modifier with a vassal. However, it is important to be cautious as seduction can have potential consequences, such as scandals or complications with succession.

Give them money

By directly sending gold from your treasury, you can increase their loyalty and reduce the likelihood of them rebelling or joining factions against your rule. The impact of giving money can be further enhanced if you have the Thoughtful Perk from the Diplomacy Lifestyle tree, which provides a bonus to the opinion increase when sending gold.

It’s important to remember that giving money alone may not be sufficient to maintain positive relations with your vassals. It should be combined with other strategies such as appointing them to positions of power, arranging marriages, using the sway action, and effectively managing your realm to prevent factions and civil wars.

Give them titles

Granting titles to your vassals is another great solution how increase their opinion of you and make them feel more important. To do this effectively, start by assessing your domain and determining which titles you can give away without exceeding your domain limit.

Choose loyal and capable vassals who will effectively manage the land you grant them, considering their traits, skills, and opinion of you. You can grant titles manually by clicking on the domain you wish to grant or by using the “Grant Titles” option when right-clicking on a valid character.

Giving title is on the same place as revoking title

It’s important to consider the hierarchy of titles and balance power among your vassals to maintain stability and loyalty in your realm. By granting titles, you not only strengthen your realm but also create a sense of value and importance for your vassals. But be aware if your vassal doesn’t like you a lot then probably giving them titles doesn’t helps you.

Give them a seat on your council

Appointing powerful vassals to your council in Crusader Kings 3 is a strategic way to keep them satisfied and engaged in your government. The council consists of six positions, each with specific responsibilities and benefits.

When assigning vassals to these positions, it is important to consider their power and influence. By giving them a seat on the council, you acknowledge their importance and involve them in decision-making processes.

Giving position in council to your people

Being on the council provides vassals with several advantages. They have a direct role in shaping the policies and governance of your realm, can influence decisions, offer advice, and participate in important discussions. This involvement can make them feel valued and invested in your rule.

Additionally, appointing a powerful vassal to the council can improve their opinion of you. Council positions come with benefits and prestige, increasing their loyalty and satisfaction. This positive opinion is crucial for maintaining stability and preventing vassals from joining factions or plotting against you.

The council also generates yearly events that can have positive or negative effects, influenced by the skills and traits of the council members. Overall, appointing powerful vassals to your council is a strategic move to involve them in your government, improve their opinion of you, and benefit from their skills and influence.

Hosting feasts and other events

Hosting feasts is a great way to improve relations with your vassals and boost their satisfaction. Feasts not only increase vassal opinion of you, but also provide opportunities to discover secrets, gain hooks on characters, and earn prestige and fame.

Inviting Courtly Vassals can further enhance the positive effects of the feast. Overall, hosting feasts is an effective tool for maintaining stability and loyalty within your realm. But remember feast cost you a lot of gold so this can’t be only one strategy how to improve relations.

Satisfy vassal stances

In CK3, each vassal has a specific stance that reflects their expectations and preferences towards their liege. By satisfying these stances, you can greatly improve their opinion of you and strengthen your relationship with them. By understanding and satisfying these stances, you can maintain a stable and harmonious realm.

Discover secrets and blackmail

Discovering secrets and creating hooks on vassals can be a useful tool to improve their opinion or prevent trouble. It allows you to blackmail vassals, gain influence over them, prevent factions, and manipulate their actions. However, it’s important to use this tool strategically and be cautious of the potential consequences if your actions are revealed or discovered.

Murder or imprison troublesome vassals

In extreme cases, eliminating or imprisoning vassals who pose a threat to your rule can help maintain stability in Crusader Kings 3. But this way isn’t helping to increase opinion of your vassal. Look on our article how to get rid of vassal where are better ways.

Forming aliance with your vassals

Forming alliances with vassals in Crusader Kings 3 can strengthen your relationship and increase their opinion of you. But on other hand this isn’t great solution for you is better to form aliance with more strong power than with your people. But this should help to increase their opinion on you.

Manage your domain limit

Exceeding your domain limit in Crusader Kings 3 can result in penalties such as negative vassal opinion, reduced levies, and reduced taxes. It is advisable to avoid going above your domain limit and instead give land to loyal vassals who can administer it better.

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