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Our love for strategy games was behind why we decided to start website about them StrateGGames. After tens of years of playing games like OpenTTD, and SimCity to the latest hits like HOI4, and CK3 we decided to start this site because.

You can find the most interesting strategy games in the top menu – I try to break them down by strategy sub-genre. Also, we are looking for upcoming strategy games in a special category here.

But it’s not just about this site. StrateGGames is growing community of players – you could also follow StrateGGames on Facebook, read our reviews on Steamparticipate in Reddit discussions, and we’ll send you the best of the best to your email every month in our StrateGG News!

Why read StrateGGames?

We’re not another random site. We play the games ourselves, our tutorials are based on experience, and we explore how single-player game mechanics work. We’re not afraid to go deep. And we believe you’ll appreciate that from us.

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Games like OpenTTD

OpenTTD was published in 2004 since years we got a lot of new updates (the latest was in 04/2022) but are there any similar games like OpenTTD which try and which do not? And how looks?

Today I will show you some similar games like OpenTTD. A lot of sites have a similar list of games but I think that this will be best because I’ve tried all games or if I something cant play I’ve spent hours watching videos about these games => So let’s start!

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What is the goal of OpenTTD?

The main goal of Open Transport Tycoon is to create the best company with higher company value. Your company value grows when you build trains, roads, stations, and airports and also when you buy trains, buses, and aeroplanes. However, keep in mind that your profits must grow.

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