Cities Skylines 2 pre-order deal details

Cities: Skylines 2 will come on October 24, 2023. For us, that means we have to wait a while for the game to be playable, and it also means that there is pre-order. It is a question whether to order or wait for the release. And it’s also a big question whether or not it’s worth buying the Ultimate Edition. In today’s article, we will reflect on this together.

How much will Cities Skylines 2 cost?

Base version of Cities Skylines 2 will cost 49,99€ or $49.99.

Ultimate edition of Cities Skylines 2 will cost 89,99€ or $89.99.

For more information on pricing, see our separate article. Personally, I expected that price to increase after the game’s release, because the game is still about 4 months away. So you can wait to buy until the developers show us more details.

What is pre-order bonus?

Cities Skylines 2 has announced just one pre-order bonus, called “landmark buildings”. This gives you 9 unique buildings you know from famous cities around the world…

Pre-order bonus for C:S 2

… these nine buildings are:

  • The London Eye
  • Notre Dame
  • National Gallery
  • Grand Hotel
  • Botanical Garden
  • Näsinneula
  • Xi’an Bell Tower
  • Sungnye
  • National Diet

And we also get a premium map from the Finnish city Tampere, where the Colossal Order is based. If you look at Tampere on Google Maps, you will see a beautifully rugged city. And there will be a challenge to build something.

Tampere map details for Cities Skylines 2

Bellow you should see icon from main menu in Cities Skylines 2 which show how will look Tampere map. So we should see that map will be oriented more on city center which is in right. More details about Tampere map stats.

Tampere map icon from game

Pre-order of Ultimate edition Cities Skylines 2

Another way you can buy a pre-order is the Ultimate edition. When the game is released, you will get the base game and the San Francisco Set immediately. In total, you will get one base game and 8 expansion items, which will include 1 expansion (DLC), 2 asset packs, 2 content creators pack and 3 radio stations.

When you buy ultimate edition, you get all of this content below with an average sale 22%. So instead if 116 USD/EUR, you will only pay 89.99 USD/EUR. So if you’re buying everything Cities Skylines 2 has to offer, it makes sense for you to get this edition.

Expansion pack release date panels

Is pre-order of Cities Skylines 2 worth it?

I’m not sure if pre-ordering is a “no-brain” decision. It’s probably worth it because you get landmarks and one extra map. You will also (probably) save some money. And I understand that they only have to create cosmetic bonuses because other players in the future.

However, it makes sense that when I pay before seeing the game I want to get more things than others who don’t pay. Anyway, I’ll buy the pre-order myself to support the developers. 💙🖤

Where to buy the pre-order of Cities Skylines 2?

If you want to pre-order Cities Skylines 2, you should buy it right on the Paradox website, where you can choose which version you want to play. I personally will be playing on PC and will be using Steam because of the Steam Workshop. But in the end it depends on your preferences.

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