Not enough goods to sell in Cities Skylines

Another problem that can occur in Cities Skylines is the lack of goods for sale. In today’s article, we will look at what causes this problem and how to fix it. This guide works in my City, so I hope this advice will help you to solve all your problems and difficulties.

Main solution with not enough goods to sell problems
  • Optimize traffic in your city
  • Build connections to highway / trains / boats
  • Use more public transport in your city
  • Build enough industrial (orange) zones
  • Build more connections to highway

What is the cause of the shortage of goods?

First, you need to understand what is causing the problem so that you can solve it. This problem usually occurs in commercial zones in case they don’t have enough goods to work with. There are two important sources of goods in Cities Skylines – industry and import.

From these two sources, you may see some “small trucks” pulling out to deliver goods from industry/import to your commercial zones. These trucks are important for supply…

A small pink truck delivering goods in my city.

… so it’s important for them to have clear traffic because if there are traffic jams or if they have to take a big detour around your city, the delivery time will be longer and some commercial zones could have problems with slow deliveries.

The biggest problems that cause a shortage of goods for sale:

  • Lack of production in your industry.
  • Long supply chain from your cargo terminals (imports).
  • Bad traffic and traffic jams in your city.

These bottlenecks are crucial if we want to talk about the problem of the lack of goods for sale. If you find out where these bottlenecks are, you can solve all the problems.

How to solve a shortage of goods for sale?

First, you must check your traffic. The best thing to do at the beginning is to connect your industry zones with your city. If there is no direct and fast connection, then the trucks with goods may have problems. So you need to check that all parts of your city are directly connected.

If this doesn’t help, you could try (and for me, it works well) to connect industry zones with the rest of the city by public transport or by sidewalk…

Connecting industry and city with sidewalk
From article about overpass in Cities Skylines

… when I do that, I try to optimize how much traffic needs to flow between residential and industrial zones. Less traffic of people means more room for delivery trucks. Metro or trains could be a good option as this type of transport does not use roads.

If you have some large intersections that are bottlenecks, you should turn those large intersections into roundabouts or use one-way roads. More tips about roads.

After you solve problems with traffic, you must focus on your industry. You need to check if you need more industrial zones. In case your orange column is high, then you need to focus on expanding your industrial zones…

…if there is no such problem, then you should build a cargo terminal for trains or boats. This will increase imports to your city. However, in my experience, I don’t need a cargo terminal since my town doesn’t have around 100 000 inhabitants.

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