Explosives in Victoria 3

Let’s take a closer look at the goods called 🧨 explosives in Victoria III. This type of goods is one of the more advanced ones and will primarily be used in the more advanced phases of the game, where you can’t do without them in case you think you will be one of the best economic players in Victoria 3.

🧨 Explosives are produced in Chemical Plants where they are made from Sulfur and to produce it you will have to increase the production level so production will decrease 🌱 Fertilizer, so you will want to keep an eye on this when you change production. But 🌱 Fertilizer production can be replaced faster/more with Livestock Ranges, so don’t worry you’ll have a lot of it.

How to set up Chemical Plants for making explosives

🧨 Explosives can be used extensively in mines which leads to more power to mine, but on the other hand you will increase the mortality rate of workers, so the question is how much it pays off – because higher mortality rate can mean less people working => less efficiency. But on the other hand, if you are short of iron, this can be a quick way to get more until you build more mines.

Using explosives in the mine as one way to optimize

Except mines you have to use 🧨 Explosives in the weapon sector where it is used for making bullets. And they also find use in Barracks or Conscription Centers where you can turn on the modifier “Infiltrators” which have a big bonus to attack +15 and also increase the captured provinces by +25%.

Use of explosives in barracks

The last place where you will need 🧨 Explosives is the construction sector. Specifically for these more advanced foundations that are available in the game after research.

  • Steel-Frame Buildings (10 points of construction)
    • 20 tools
    • 40 glass
    • 50 steel
    • 🧨 10 explosives
  • Arc-Welded Buildings (20 points of construction)
    • 40 tools
    • 50 glass
    • 90 steel
    • 🧨 20 explosives
    • 40 electricity

So when you want to switch to this type of building, I don’t recommend you to use bulk switching in the budget tab (all at once), but switch one building at a time to avoid loss of explosives.

Construction sector and their frames

Explosives are not a strategic resource in the early stages of the game. However, once you explore more advanced production in the construction sector, where explosives are one of the inputs, it will be essential to have enough explosives and to diversify the supply optimally.

I don’t recommend importing this raw material, if someone stops supplying it you will have a problem. Keep the chemical industry strong.

Usage of explosives

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