Fertilizer in Victoria 3

An advanced goods that you will find useful to increase the income from your farms is 🌱 Fertilizer. How to get it, how to use it and what can be made from it. We’ll show you in today’s article on the subject.

How to make 🌱 Fertilizer?

There are two ways to produce 🌱 Fertilizer in the game. The first is Chemical Plants where it is produced from Sulfhur and Iron while 1 level of this factory will generate +90 🌱 fertilizer.

The benefit of Chemical Plants is that you can build this factory anywhere and therefore any country can produce it. In theory you can be self-sufficient, which you will appreciate in the more advanced phases of the game.

Chemical Plants in Victoria 3

The other way where you can get 🌱 Fertilizer are Livestock Ranches where in case you choose a more advanced production method called Intensive Grazing Ranch so you will produce +10 🌱 Fertilizer per level.

However, in order to take this route you must have a good supply of Grain, which this building consumes. In addition to Fertilizer you will also get significantly more Fabric.

Livestock ranches in Victoria 3

The good thing is that this building also produces meat that your residents may require for higher standards of livings. However, in my experience in the early stages of the game it is more worthwhile to build this building because of the Fabric, which is often a big expense for your residents.

If you have a large economy and a lot of fields, it pays to build significantly more Chemical Plants, which will give you more 🌱 Fertilizer faster.

Where can I use 🌱 Fertilizer?

There are only two uses for Fertilizer as well as production. The first one I believe you will use more often is to promote growth on farms. Where you can significantly increase production with fertilizer. Which will be useful because cheaper food will mean more prosperity for your people.

Also, using it will slightly reduce the number of farm workers you need who will be too busy working in other industries. But I don’t see that as much of an advantage as increased food profit.

Using fertilizer on farms in Victoria 3

The second place where you can use Fertilizer is Synthetics Plants in which you will be able to produce basic Dye and if you change your production style to a more advanced one, it will also be one of the places where you can easily and quickly get Silk.

But these factories are hidden behind the Aniline research, which will probably take you a while, but in the advanced stages of the game at least Silk is an important resource, so it will be useful to have a few factories, but you don’t have to overdo it.

Synthetics plants in Victoria 3

Look at 🌱 Fertilizer strategically

From my strategic point of view, you don’t have to care about Fertilizer that much if you have a smaller country that doesn’t have a large population. There you can get by with maybe conventional farming. But in case you have a lot of people to feed, Fertilizer will be something that will increase your efficiency and help you to meet to keep your inhabitants happy.

Usage of fertilizer

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