Sulfur in Victoria 3

In the case of sulfur, it is a raw material of an unusual nature. In comparison with iron or coal, it is something you will need if you see yourself among the best economic players in Victoria 3.

About sulfur in Victoria 3

Sulfur is primarily used in Chemical Plants to produce 🌱 Fertilizer and to produce 🧨 Explosives. Fertilizer allows you to get more yield from your fields and Explosives are used to increase production in mines. They can also be used to create “infiltrators” in barracks. In the later phases of the game, they are used for the process of building.

You can also work with Paper Mils for the enrichment of 🧻 Paper production (you can simply produce more of it) or use it as a base for Synthetics Plants where 🍭 Dye is made.

Sulfur isn’t a strategic resource to keep an eye on, however, the procedure of diversification is still worth it. It is mainly because of the boost of higher yields from your field that makes the whole process profitable. It is necessary to say that it will be essential in the case of later game progression.

The usage of sulfur

To get sulfur, you have to build Sulfur Mines which can be used for increasing/optimizing the process of mining – either by better mining equipment or by using Explosives. In case you have a shortage of workers and good rail infrastructure, you can use steam automation and train automation.

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Where to find sulfur in Victoria 3

In Victoria 3 are three maps of potentially good locations. To find out where to search for these maps, you need to be aware of who is currently mining it and where exactly it has been used the most. For more information, visit our resource maps guide.

Sulfur potential location in America
Sulfur potential location in Europe and North Africa.
Sulfur cannot be found in South Africa so I didn’t make the screen.
Sulfur maps of potential location in Asia and Oceania

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