Wiki of economy in Victoria III

Victoria 3 is here and the economic part looks very complex and sometimes needs a bit of micro-management, but if you learn the basics that interconnect so you will be in the economic game perfect and your GDP will grow. I have written many articles about this topic and that’s why I decided to create my economy wiki for Victoria 3. I hope it will help you.

Metrics to be monitored

The basic metric that shows where you rank is 🎩 Prestige, which affects how strong your country is in the diplomatic game and generally limits/sets what you can do. Another essential metric is 📈 GDP, which shows if your economy is growing or declining but it’s not just about the economy you need to keep the population happy as well, which is tracked by the 🏠 standard of living.

Our important articles about metric:

Resources and goods

In addition to the charts and numbers you have to keep track of you have to worry about the materials and goods. When you’re not going to mine much so you’ll have to get them by trade. Besides raw materials and their profit, you will also have to worry about money and you will also have to produce more advanced goods.

More articles about resources:

Articles about resources / goods:


In order for your economy to grow and you had more resources so you have to balance and build buildings. It will take a lot of combining and thinking, but I believe that together we can do it!

More articles about buildings:

Is the economic in Victoria 3 hard?

Yes at first for new players it may seem that everything is complicated, but if you endure and all honestly explore so you the game will reward you in the form of growth and economic prosperity.

At the time of updating this article I have played about 40 hours and there is still a lot to learn, but I feel I am getting the hang of it. The basic rule of thumb is to know the supply/demand rule and use it correctly when playing.

Anyway, if you are an experienced player of strategy games, I believe that you can easily learn everything essential and for new players Victoria 3 is a great challenge and fun. I can definitely see hours and hours of fun here now.

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