Farthest Frontier: Desirability guide

Today we’re going to look at the topic of desirability, which is one of the in-game metrics in Farthest Frontier that determines if your citizens’ homes will improve and become better or not. We’ll look at how to increase your desirability and how to be careful not to decrease it unnecessarily.

How increase desirability?

There are several ways to increase desirability, I recommend you combine these ways to increase the value as much as possible. The things that work best for me include:

  • build a market => you earn more gold and there is a positive influence in the surroundings
  • build a school => you will have more educated people and the school improves desirability
  • build stone roads => just upgrade the old ones
  • build a plaza / use decorations => a bit more expensive but works well
  • build a healer => it will also help your city
  • build a bakery => people will be able to come for bread

When you place the building you should underline the “green” buildings that will be positively affected by the building. For example in the case of the market I had no idea, but it makes sense to build it in the village multiple times to cover as much space as possible because then you have more gold and it’s also a quick way to increase desirability.

Market location and positive impact on the surrounding area

What I found to have some positive effects, but I’m not sure about them, is when you build walls around your settlement. I would expect the desirability to be higher because everyone will be safer, but that’s just some feeling I have. What else can help is a pub, but that can have a negative effect where one of the people can become drunk and subsequently harm your village, so I’m successfully avoiding pubs for now.

How to find the desirability of a building?

The finding is simple. There is a special map layer in the game that is hidden under the letter “G”. It then shows you where you have what desirability and how high it is for each house.

You can look at desirability using G

Why do you want to have positive/high desirability? => The reason is simple and that is that if you have a high desirability (above 30%) your basic shelter will become a homestead. And in case you get above 65% and meet other conditions you can have a brick house.

How to know what effect a building has on desirability?

It’s simple. All buildings have information in their right corner about whether their influence is positive, neutral or negative. In the picture below I have highlighted where the information about the desirability of the building can be found…

Where to find desirability buildings

… this view can easily/quickly show you the impact of the building you are going to build. You can better plan where and how you will build the building…

The negative desirability of the building looks like:

Negative desirability

The positive desirability of the building looks like:

Positive desirability

… at the same time, if you place the building, it will show you the circle in which the building will influence its surroundings. It’s good to make sure you don’t see a negative number above “desirability” if you place the building.

Which buildings decrease desirability?

Practically most buildings that logically produce noise and smoke have some negative effect on their surroundings. Below you can see the neighborhood in which I always try to make buildings with negative desirability (tannery) so that they do not affect the inhabitants of my town.

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