Multiculturalism Law in Victoria 3

Multiculturalism is one of the most powerful laws in Victoria 3, fundamentally transforming society to accept all cultures. By eliminating discrimination, it massively increases migration, loyalty, standard of living.

However, it faces opposition from interest groups and costs authority compared to other citizenship laws. Managing multiculturalism’s impacts requires timely reforms and overcoming resistance through shrewd policy. Let’s take a look at them!

What does Multiculturalism do?

The Multiculturalism law eliminates all discrimination and accepts all cultures. This makes your country extremely attractive to immigrants, significantly boosting migration and population growth. This boost will lead to growth in your economy and, in the long term, your country could only benefit from this change.

Citizenship law

It also eliminates discrimination for minority pops already living in your country and it makes them much more loyal and reduces radicalism. A multicultural society creates more social cohesion. However, we are in still in 1839 – 1939, and passing this law could be a “pain in the ass”.

Requirements to enact

There are three key requirements to enact multiculturalism:

  • Egalitarianism technology must be researched. This unlocks progressive social reforms.
  • Slavery must be abolished completely. Multiculturalism cannot coexist with slavery.
  • Human rights law must be passed. This guarantees basic rights for all people regardless of their race.

Meeting these prerequisites prepares the country socially for multiculturalism.

How to pass Multiculturalism in Victoria 3?

  1. Research Egalitarianism technology to unlock progressive reforms.
  2. Abolish slavery completely to align with multicultural values.
  3. Pass the Human Rights law to guarantee rights for all people.
  4. Identify marginalized interest groups like trade unions receptive to radicalism.
  5. Empower receptive groups economically and expose elite hypocrisy.
  6. Leverage the “Path to Liberalism” event to radicalize allies.
  7. Install radicalized allies like radical trade unions into government.
  8. Use allies’ radical ideology to overcome opposition and pass multiculturalism.
  9. Alternatively, stockpile legitimacy and use it to strong-arm the law’s passage.
  10. Once passed, manage consequences and guide society towards harmony.

Impacts and Effects

Once enacted, multiculturalism embraces all cultures without discrimination. It recalculates pop interest group support as needed. Unlike discriminatory laws (other citizenship laws have bonuses), you don’t get any bonus to authority from multiculturalism. You have to have enough authority. There are also no effects on your standard of living once enacted, but as I mentioned in the long-term section, this law will boost your economy and this will mean your SoL level will raise.

Interest Group Support

Therefore, it is a good idea to minimize these groups in your country before you go into this law. The radicalization of Devout or Petite Bourgeoisie could cause problems, but you will definitely want to be careful of that.

  • Devout: Strongly disapprove
  • Intelligentsia: Disapprove
  • Petite Bourgeoisie: Strongly disapprove

Pros and Cons of Multiculturalism


  • Massive boost to migration and population growth
  • Greatly reduces discrimination and increases minority loyalty
  • More social cohesion and harmony


  • Surrenders authority compared to other citizenship laws
  • Faces major opposition from key interest groups
  • Can increase instability if not carefully managed

Comparison to Other Citizenship Laws

More discriminatory citizenship laws provide large authority bonuses and fidelity to the standard of living. However, they harm minorities and restrict migration. Multiculturalism has the unique power to maximize migration and population growth at the expense of authority.

Citizenship LawWho is discriminatedOther cons
Ethnostate🔴 All foreign cultures+ 200 authority
+ 20% loyalists from SOL increase
– 20% radicals from SOL decrease
National Supremacy🟠 Cultures unless
they share heritage
and language.
+ 150 authority
+ 15% loyalists from SOL increase
– 15% radicals from SOL decrease
Racial Segregation🟠 Cultures with
different heritage.
+ 100 authority
+ 10% loyalists from SOL increase
– 10% radicals from SOL decrease
Cultural Exclusion🟡 Cultures with
nothing common with
your primary cultures
+ 50 authority
+ 5% loyalists from SOL increase
– 5% radicals from SOL decrease
Multiculturalism🟢 No-one


Enacting multiculturalism can supercharge development through migration, but requires interest group management. Time reforms wisely and overcome resistance to take advantage of this powerful law.

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