Citizenship laws in Victoria 3

Citizenship in Victoria 3 is one of most important to change if you have problems with discrimination also change citizenship laws could helps you increase migration attractiveness which should lead to boost your citizens which should works in your factories…

… but if you want boost your attractiveness then you lost authority. The rule is that the more you discriminate against others the more authority you have (which is not very nice btw). Is good question which citizenship law is best and I will answer you…

Citizenship laws

Ethnostate – you will get additional +200 authority and also you will have more loyalist when you increase (+20%) standards of livings and also less radicals (-20%) if decrease standards of living in your states. But you will discriminate all foreign cultures which should lead to increase radicals if you conquer other countries.

On other side there is Multiculturalism with which you don’t get additional authority and also you haven’t get increase/decrease by standards of living but in your country won’t be discriminated others cultures which is great to increase loyalists and migration.

Citizenship LawWho is discriminatedOther cons
Ethnostate🔴 All foreign cultures+ 200 authority
+ 20% loyalists from SOL increase
– 20% radicals from SOL decrease
National Supremacy🟠 Cultures unless
they share heritage
and language.
+ 150 authority
+ 15% loyalists from SOL increase
– 15% radicals from SOL decrease
Racial Segregation🟠 Cultures with
different heritage.
+ 100 authority
+ 10% loyalists from SOL increase
– 10% radicals from SOL decrease
Cultural Exclusion🟡 Cultures with
nothing common with
your primary cultures
+ 50 authority
+ 5% loyalists from SOL increase
– 5% radicals from SOL decrease
Multiculturalism🟢 No-one
Available citizenship laws
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