Migration mechanics in Victoria 3

Victoria 3 isn’t just about economy but there are detailed game features focused on population which simulate what your people feel and if they aren’t satisfied or have a low standard of living in the state, they become radicals. If your country live in problems in long term, then people may leave you and migrate to another country. Or also if your country is sightly better than others than people could migrate to your country.

Migration is the way how to increase population

First of all I must mention about migration is that if you use tips from this article correctly then you could boost your population. Big importance in migration has how your population is feeling you and your changes.

The rules with migration are easy in fact. You need to have higher migration attraction in your states than other countries inside your market. So Its important to extend your market by custom unions to countries which has lower migration attraction to reach out to get people to migrate to you…

What is custom union? Custom union is great way how to expand your markets and get more goods. Powerful country must extends their markets and weaker countries can gain access to more resources. – read more about custom unions.

… so increase border of your market and focus on welfare of your citizens is important to keep population inside your borders and attract more people to your country.

Migration types

In Victoria 3 are two main types of migration Intra-market migration which occurs on daily base. And pops are migrating inside your markets / states. This migration is practically controlled by you, according to the laws you have (I’ll show below). How you work on migration attraction is also important. This part of migration is something you can influence and it makes sense to monitor and optimize a lot of it, because people are another “commodity” which isn’t enough in later phases of game.

Second type of migration is Mass migration that I’ve probably never encountered before. According to the developers, it’s an effort to simulate big events and react to big problems. And it happens, for example, in the case of large turmoil, when a group of people can say that they suddenly move out of a place (where they are, for example, discriminated). So probably causing problems in other countries with shortage of goods (embargo) could be good way how to influence if mass migration will happen.

Migration laws

For now there are three migration laws which will affects how will migration works in your country. This laws are different and you must wisely choose between them. Let’s take quick look on laws and their benefits.

No Migration Controls – This law allows your pops to migrate how they could. This should be good if you have advanced country with high level of standards and also you doesn’t have radicals. Then probably more people will come to your country then leave you.

Migration Controls – Pops which are discriminated won’t be able to migrate inside your country. But other people could. This should works to attracts people from other countries. But if you have problems then some people could leave your country. Good is that radicals doesn’t leave your country.

Closed Borders – Migration doesn’t work and doesn’t be supported. So no-one could leave your country and no-one could came to your country.

Migration laws in Victoria 3

Migration attraction

At the last when you have all things set you need to follow migration attraction this number is important when you want to calculate and know if you doing things well or not you need to check migration attraction of your states.

This you could do by focusing this number on your states population tab details or alternatively you could use map layers of migration which is more better to optimize your strategy than to micromanage your migration attraction.

Migration Attraction Details

Migration attraction is calculated by standards of living and after that this number is modified by other variables and factors. On this factors we will look bellow because now you know how migration attraction works and where to find details.

Increase migration attraction tips

First of all you need to focus on standard of livings. You need to lower taxes and lower prices of goods which your population needs to full-fill their needs.

Poor standards of living? I’ve written for you guide in which I explain how standars of living mechanics works and how to increase them – read more.

If you have enough authority you could use decree Greener Grass Campaign which increase migration attraction by +50% in specific state.

Greener Grass Campaign decree

Impactful boost could also come from your citizenship laws. Enacting multiculturalism eliminates discrimination, massively increasing the appeal and intake of migrants. This transition could helps to increase migration.

Another thing which is lead to increase migration attraction is available arable land which is good in case you are expanding in “new world”. Is good to balance with arable land. Basic rule is that everyone must work in business because you need to boost your economy. Could help if you have available jobs in your country but this will also mean that you will have buildings which doesn’t work well.

Typical state which has super high attraction

Working and builded trade centers are also good boost for migration attraction. This centers you cannot build but if you are using well market/trade then you will have this bonus in all of your states.

Also there are some traits which increase Migration Attraction like Propagandists in your Intelligentsia when they have +10 and which adds you +25% migration attraction.

Traits which adds migration attraction

Also to prevent problems with migration you need to focus on discrimination and lower it by changing laws which cause this problems. Because remember, disgruntled people leave.

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