Luxury items in Farthest Frontier

If you press “R” in Farthest Frontier, you could see tab with resources. In Farthest Frontier are four types of items. The basics ones, so-called “raw materials” and “food“. The next one are “produced materials”, however, I don’t want to talk about this group today…

… in today’s article, I want to look more at “luxury items” which could be helpful for your citizens. This section will look in detail on such items and why you need them. A guide with more information should be provided in the future.

Resources tab in Farthest Frontier

The resource tab above could be helpful for you because you get an overview of all items which you have in your town. You could see which items you don’t have and which you need to focus on.

All luxury settlement items in Farthest Frontier

Coats, Shoes and Linen Clothes

Everything belongs to consumer goods which your citizens need to prosper. Especially in the early phases of the game, it is more than okay to have just these items and focus on them. Coats could be created from leather and thanks to that they can be easily created in super early phases of the game, to be more specific from a hunter.

Coats, first from the left

Your citizens could live some time with “starting coats” which they get at the start of the game. But as your town will gradually grow, you will need to create shoes and linen clothes which will be luxurious and more comfortable. If you don’t have enough clothes this could be a problem.


Another luxury item is pottery. Such an item is good for storing items in markets so it will prevent spillage. Pottery is used for upgrading from homesteads to large houses. From my perspective, pottery is a good luxury item which can be easily sold on the market and bring a lot of money.

So if you have available clay on your map, you can make pottery easily. More information about clay can be found in my previous guide. | Tips on how to get homestead in FF.

Pottery is a good item for storing


Icon of beer

Beer is used in Farthest Frontier in pubs. Pubs make a desirability boost, increase the happiness of your citizens and also bring benefits in the form of taxes on alcohol. However, be careful with your soldiers. They can get drunk and be potentially aggressive, even harmful to your citizens. For that, it is better to have less beer rather than too much.


Baskets in this matter are not luxury goods which are consumed for the increase of happiness of your citizens. Baskets are helpful mainly because they can carry a lot of items and so are pretty effective. Especially for people in the mines, loggers, and harvesters can be such items valuable – they can use the baskets to optimize their work. As an alternative, the next level are wagons which help people who work with really heavy stuff.

More about baskets in Farthest Frontier


Furniture icon

Furniture can be easily built in case you have enough trees in your zone. It can be a good luxury item for you in connection with export. Moreover, it is furniture you will need in late-game, mainly for upgrading from a large house to a “Manor”. After such an upgrade, the item will be consumed.


Soap is important, especially in the early phases. It is consumed by your citizens and helps to prevent them from getting sick. In addition, it makes your citizens cleaner. I’m sure you can imagine how excited your residents will be when they didn’t have soap for a long time. More articles about soap: Where to get herbs to make soap? & How to produce soap in Farthest Frontier?

Soap in Farthest Frontier


Candles are important for upgrading from homestead houses to large houses. For me, these items are good for export, especially in case you have surpluses. However, there is still no need to have any significant stock of candles.


Spices are late-game items which are consumed in L4 houses (“Manors”) and so we can say they are super luxury. They can be also considered as rare, mainly because they are obtainable only by trade in the late game. At that time you need to focus to gain enough spices to consume.


Glassware is the same as spices. It is used in L4 houses for “Manors”. Moreover, it can be used for creating preserves which are good for storing food, especially vegetables. As I mentioned in the section with spices, such an item is important in the late game.

Production settings

The best thing that can be found in the “R” dashboard is production settings with which you can set up how much quota you want to have in your stockpile. If your stockpile doesn’t have enough space, then the game will optimize production by sending more workers to work.

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