Cities Skylines 2 Ultimate edition details

We know the release date, the price and that we should pre-order the game, but what’s in the Ultimate edition and is it worth it? Let’s take a look at the details of this edition and see what’s inside and if it’s worth it for us gamers.

What’s inside the ultimate edition?

If you buy the Ultimate edition, you get 9 items from the Colossal Order. If you buy the Ultimate edition, you will get the base game with all its features. Moreover, your game will be extended by eight more expansions.

If you buy the Ultimate edition, you will get following items:

  • 1 DLC
  • 2 asset packs
  • 2 content creator packs
  • 3 radio stations

Below you can see graphics from the official Steam Store page showing the contents of the Ultimate edition. If you are buying everything Cities Skylines has to offer, this will be a nice start to your gaming experience in the new version.

Cities Skylines Ultimate Edition content – source Steam

What is the price for the CS 2 Ultimate edition?

The Ultimate edition costs us 89.99 EUR/USD, if you pre-order it. Paradox has stated that the full price of this DLC will be 116 EUR/USD, so this is a sale of around 22%

When will you get the expansions you buy?

You only get one of the eight expansions on day one, the San Francisco Set. The rest of the expansions will be released later in the six months following the release of CS 2. Picture below is a roadmap of the expansions from October 24 to Q2 2024.

Expansion roadmap from official website

The main reason to buy the Ultimate edition is to save money. It is because we won’t get to the content specifically before.

Details of expansions

San Francisco Set

With a San Francisco themed set, you should bring sunny vibes to your city. In the set will be garage building for Muscle cars, 5 different Muscle cars and police vehicle to patrol the beach city. We will also get the Golden Gate Bridge and a map of San Francisco.

Beach Properties Asset Pack

“Beach Properties” includes an extensive collection of assets that allows you to build luxury beach housing areas and opens up new possibilities to customize your city.

Urban Promenades/Modern Architecture creators packs

Each of these packages contains more than 30 assets and will add personality to your city. Created by two of community favorites, these packs truly highlight the talent and artistry of our moderators.

Bridges & Ports Expansion

With the new set of tools, you can now create a bustling port and add beautiful new details like draw bridges and lighthouses. With more than 100 new assets, as well as the new addition of Marine Industries, you can expand your waterfront landscape and connect your city in exciting new ways.

Deluxe Relax Station/Soft Rock Radio/Cold Wave Channel radio stations

A new host and 60 min of music – each Radio package adds a new vibe to your city building experience. Radio stations are paired with each release.

Is the Ultimate edition of Cities Skylines worth it?

Yes, in my eyes yes – because you get a discount on goods you are likely to buy in the future. Building your own San Francisco will be fun. At the same time, we will have access to the first DLC that will be available for CS 2, and I consider the rest just little bonuses that will come in handy.

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