All leaks about Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 is announced you should look on more informations. Bellow you could see summarization after big research on current leaks. Confirmed informations are separated article here. I was try to summarize as much information as possible, but I can’t guarantee I won’t miss something somewhere.

Newly aded content after announcement have emoji 🆕 in table bellow.

At the same time, I’m a fan of the new Cities Skylines 2 and the city building/simulation/strategy genre in general. So for me it’s also about some research of what all game features these games could contain. I’m not trying to hurt the game and if the developers of Colossal Order are reading this you rock and I can’t wait for your next game!

Leaks about Cities Skylines on GeForce Now…

… was in 13th September 2021 when C++ developer named Ighor July got into the depths of GeForce now system through the launcher. And in these depths find some mentions of next games and one of them was Cities Skylines 2 with “release date” on early 2022.

I don’t know how accurate could be this leak in general. Probably if I working on this product then I store in database some “false-positive” games which has to “fool” any potential leakers. But after years this reddit was actualized and some games was really confirmed and available now.

However, if the new Cities Skylines 2 will be available from the start on GeForce Now then that’s good news for gamers with weaker PCs. And at the same time it will give the developers a bit more freedom to make the game more demanding in hardware I think…

Cities Skylines 2 rumours from 2019

Could be found on Reddit in r/GamingLeaksAndRumours community. Is question who is unnamed source and how accurate he could be. The source shows some topics in which will be CS2 different/advanced than current version…

… the thing like “country mode” could bring more complexity to game and more challanges for players which don’t want build prettiest cities. Let’s remember latest EA SimCity. When I compare SimCity and Cities: Skylines then I must say that the possibility of having multiple towns on one map which could work in one ecosystem is great. But the “delivery” of this game feature was so bad.

The things which are mentioned above aren’t bad. More infrastructure is what current version of Cities Skylines in mine opinion missing a lot of. I want to build functional city in which I live – I want to buy realistic cities so more deepth could be great.

Leaks from tester from 2020

Another leaks was probably from one of tester which works for Paradox Interactive? I don’t know why when I working as game tester will be motivated to leak these informations. And is question if we could trust the leaker.

In mine opinion and experience I don’t know how many leakers came from testing teams. If I had the opportunity to work as a tester (and if I wanted to, I probably would) I wouldn’t want to let leaks out at all. Because I’d probably lose my job and have confidentiality issues, right?

But if this is from 2020 then is question why Paradox doesn’t introduce Cities Skylines 2 earlier? The game features which leaked probably will be in new Cities Skylines because they just make sense.

I don’t know why progression tree but when I thinking more this could be better way how to extend the game even further and lead the players by the hand a bit more.

Big announcement which won’t in 2021

In November 2021 there was “update from Cities: Skylines” which tease us a lot, but it seems to me that their expectations have not been met. After all, judge for yourself…

Hey there everyone! Let’s let the Chirper of the bag: we have a couple of announcements coming soon — like REAL soon!! 

… and after this was announced DLC Airports. For me and sorry to Colossal Order DLC Airports isn’t too important to have this update I think. And since this update we get these new content to game…

  • Cities Skylines: Airports
  • Cities Skylines: Map Pack
  • Cities Skylines: Plazas and promenades
  • Cities Skylines: Financial district

… and yes. There also be some more content packages. But let’s put our hands on our hearts and admit These aren’t such big features that everyone has to work on them, are they? Now I say that because I would like to see that part of the team is already working hard on CS2 or some other similar game.

Screen from news on Steam.
Source: Steam

Colossal Order asked for suggestions to CS2 in 2022

Another reason but this isn’t leak itself is reaction from Colossal Order on one tweet which ask for suggestions for sequel of Cities Skylines and lot of people response to this call.

Mean it that they are working on new version? No.

Could be this bait and just friendly community management? Yes, but…

… if they don’t want know these information from others then why would someone works for PDX and reply with this response. And response from community are awesome. We could see great tips which could be integrated and solved in new possible game.

There are most of the tips that were mentioned in the comments:

  • advanced road edit system
  • more larger cities with more and more people
  • social systems
  • larger production chains
  • large events like Olympics or Summits
  • custom networks systems
  • fine-tuned zonings so mixing zones and buildings
  • seassons, more realistic weather
  • non-square lots, rezone areas
  • parking system, realistic population
  • more things which will grow with city
  • enough content to build realistic cities
  • incorporated mods into game
  • improved water, more things to create Amsterdam
  • more scenarios
  • people with their lives and deeper simulation
  • more realistic cars, adding lanes smoothly
  • larger maps, usage of full maps
  • blueprint modes
  • procedural buildings generation
  • politics systems with laws, voting, council, departments
  • realistic rush hours in traffic
  • bike networks, mixed pathways, car-free cities
  • more control on transfers between industry and commercial
  • different neighborhoods (systems, buildings,…)
  • unbound using cars in services and “last-mile” delivery
  • modular buildings / stations also underground
  • public beaches and more entertainment content for residents

>> More wishes for Cities Skylines 2 <<

And for last response from CaptainHQ which created great visualization of features:

And now let you think. The things above could be super great if they will be in game. I hope that response from Colossal Order won’t be just friendly community management. I hope that they have checklist of features which will be in game and they just check game features which they already have prepared. And for features which they don’t I’ve hope that they make at least they thought they could integrate them.

🆕 Experience from playing early phases from Biffa Plays Indie Games from august 2021

YouTuber Biffa Plays Indie Games have some experience from testing Cities Skylines 2 in early phases. Bellow you could see his video in time in which he start talking about his experience.

He didn’t say anything “spicy” for me. If I must extract some interesting information than his experience came from august 2021 and from Alfa Test. He could test this because is on Content Creator Discord server. Also he have NDA with Colossal Order.

They have space to comment and feedback on how the game works and Colossal Order listen them. The game looked newer, better. He gave tips primarily on usability and making it easier for new players to get into it. And also to get challenges.

🆕 Leaked achievements in announcement evening 2023

Another source which is new is source from which has list of 40 achievements which will be available in new Cities Skylines 2. The best of them are these:

  • Unlock 150 map tiles in a single city.
  • Create a city district and assign a city service to that district.
  • Have 20 active transport lines. These can be passenger or cargo lines or any mix of the two.
  • Create 10 different districts in a single city and assign policies to each.
  • Follow a citizen’s lifepath from childhood to old age.
  • Experience a rat infestation.
  • Experience all four seasons by building a city in a climate with a snowy winter.
  • Have buildings from all four zone types in a single city.
  • Have a total of 10,000 tourist visits in a single city.

More you could find in their article.


Even though I’m not a game designer I have to say that I would like to be involved in Cities Skylines product-wise. There’s a lot of opportunity here and the individual leaks show a really diverse range how CS2 could be.

And if we could get today’s game in a “new chassis” which allows implements 15% of what the individual leaks describe. Then I think we have a great game that can break records again. And also I’m counting with a lot of DLCs which extend game features for us!

I think that we will get new Cities Skylines 2 or other large simulation/strategy game. The question is when. Community is big and from what I read while writing this article, a lot of people are looking forward to the sequel. Now just don’t mess it up and it could turn out well.

Fingers crossed it goes well!

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