Price details for Cities Skylines 2

We will get Cities Skylines 2 in the coming months, so a good question might be how much will it cost us? With the gameplay trailer, we learned the release date and also the pricing. So what will Cities Skylines 2 actually cost us? And what about the DLC policy? Let’s take a closer look together!

Price of Cities Skylines 2

For now, the price will be $ 49.99

Or you could buy the Ultimate edition, which will cost $ 89.99

There you should see a comparison of both editions. The classic edition wins for me now. However, it will be the best to wait for more information. Quite honestly the radio paws leave me cold. The DLC will be essential for me.

Difference between ultimate vs classic edition

Expansions, DLCs, packs

It is expected that a lot of “final prices” in Cities Skylines will be hidden in the DLC we will be buying in the years after release. For the original game, they made a lot of sense because the first version was “blank”. Now the developers had a big challenge to balance that out and to not upset players who will miss the content we already have today.

I would really like to see content from the following DLC from the current version of the game: mechanics from Industries, mechanics from Campus, mechanics from Plazas and Promenades and Snowfall. But in the end, I’d like to see everything there. I don’t know how unrealistic that is – we’ll see.

Ok, more info is released we should see some plan that the developers have. This hasn’t really moved me to find out more about what they are planning and how they will approach the DLC. My concerns prevail a bit. Obviously there is a lot of content coming out in the next few months.

Plans after release what they will do with DLCs

Will Cities Skylines 2 be worth it?

In my opinion, as a heavy Cities Skylines fan, it will be worth it. I will update this statement when we see how game succeeds, and when we find out the price. I also expect a lot of things we know will be coming to the game as DLC. But if we get a “blank version of game” as “base” version of Cities Skylines when it releases, I’m going to be very angry.

Will Cities Skylines 2 has a subscription?

It is a good question if Cities Skylines 2 will have a subscription. We should see this method from HOI4, which has had a subscription for a while now. In this subscription you could pay less money (but you pay every month) and you will have all the content of the game…

How does HOI4 subscription work?

… this subscription is advantageous in the later years after development, when the game contains several DLCs and is already quite expensive to buy. It is very convenient for players who are just starting out and want to try the full game.

I don’t expect that Colossal Order to have a subscription after release. I think the subscription will come to the game after 3 or 5 DLCs come out. However, if you’re a fan or want to play Cities Skylines 2 for a few years, it’s worth buying the game.

But if you have Xbox Game Pass, you can play Cities Skylines 2 on day one. So is this a subscription you’d have to pay to get access to all the stuff? Or will it be simplified? We will see in the next months.

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