Isolated states on land and their solution in Victoria 3

In Victoria 3, if you play as a landlocked state with no ports / maritime connection, you are quite limited. You can’t attack countries that you don’t have a land connection to. You have to cooperate/play against your neighbors, but if you “succeed”, you can take a state that has no borders with you. In other case, you can accidentally lose your connection with your country. And that could be a problem.

In the image below you can see the situation that could arise. A good question might be how it happened. First I declared war on Saxe-Meiningen, and then I found out that they could not be attacked because there had connection by land. So I dragged Bavaria into the war by making a mistake in the diplomatic game…

Two unconnected parts of my country.

… so I crossed over to Bavaria with my whole army, and so occupied a country that was not adjacent to me. Unfortunately, I gained nothing from Bavaria, because it only got into the war by accident.

The problem is that Saxe-Meiningen is not connected to my current market by land and cannot have ports. So they have 0% market access and have an existential problem with high everting prices. You could typically solve this situation by building in-country ports, then you have to conquer bordering states to get a connection.

Solution: Conquer states between your states

If you conquer a state, as I did, then you have truce between states. This should be a problem. Back to my situation above, I had 5 years of trouble annexing my new subject because I had a truce with Bavaria.

That was annoying, but I used the time to build a bigger and stronger army. And at the same time, I improved my diplomatic relations with the surrounding area, so that when the truth was ready, I took Bavaria with practically no losses on my side.

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