Farthest Frontier vs Manor Lords

In 2022 we get two new strategy survival games. First one which is available on Steam now because is in early access is Farthest Frontier and second one which we had on weekend in open alfa is Manor Lords.

This games aren’t same (subGenre) and today I’m make “line” between them. And I believe you will get a better picture of these games. For me, I’m for both of them!

Because I have around 30 hours in Farthest Frontier and from Manor Lords I’ve seen a lot of videos. There are main differences which I see know between these games.

Farthest FrontierManor Lords
Early medieval ageLater medieval age
Better for causal playersBetter for simulation experience
More simplified so easier to learnMore complex in combat, maps, buildings
More like survival/city-buildingMore like RTS/city-building

There isn’t one choice to tell you which one is better and I will show some specifics bellow. But if you like city-building genre then you need to try both. If you are more causal strategy gamer then you must try Farthest Frontier and if you want more challenges then you must wait for Manor Lords.

I’m saying I don’t want to disparage any game. I think they are virtually incomparable. Each has its advantages and I recommend trying both sooner or later.

Farthest Frontier: Survival/town builder strategy game

Better for: Causal players

About Farthest Frontier I’ve write a lot of guides. But if I were to evaluate the game and highlight its strengths. This game for me is in early medieval ages. This game is more about surviving with your village. More and more people comes to your village and you need to balance economy to build strength medieval city.

When you survive first year, you need to focus on food and after that when everything looks good you find threats in the form of raiders and wild animals that will attack you from time to time as they head in your direction…

How Farthest Frontier looks
Screen from article about desirability

… in game are implemented seasons so you must prepare on winter. And farming primary from spring to summer. For me this game is more “easy” but yes some mechanics like trading or farming are super complex and it takes for me some hours to find how to play this game in correct way.

After a few hours you have built a beautiful city full of inhabitants and it’s about to optimize. There are levels of buildings in the game and gradually your city can evolve. But late-game felt like it was coming very early.

Manor Lords will probably offer more long term fun (when it’s available) so I think Farthest Frontier is more for causal players. But for new players in strategy games world. This game could be good first step!

Manor Lords: Simulation/town builder strategy game

Good for: Players waiting for complex feeling

First big problem which I have with Manor Lords is that we get just playable demo in second part of 2022. So we could find some videos from this game be it isn’t now in early access / playable. Second thing which you must know first is that Manor Lords is indie game with just one developer.

Manor Lords first screens from pres kit

Main reason why you want play this game is because Manor Lords is so detailed and this experience I’m missing in mine strategy games library. There will be a lot of resources, from gameplays we could know that there will be ways how to upgrade buildings

Manor Lords from YouTube

… and this “custom upgrades” on building or caste building mechanics looks great. Yes this could be start of micro-managment boredom bud I think that this type of mechanics is great place where strategy games could be expanded. It’s all about balance. But this looks funny for me.

But this game isn’t just about city building. From game demo we should know that there will be something that will outgrow us. There will be a map available in the game, and we will probably only be one principality out of several. From some videos about game we know about “fighting” mechanics so this game will be complex and that is what I love. For me this game is city builder / RTS combination and this will be interesting for me.

And one of latest screenshot from official twitter makes me really excited about this game. Since “beta weekend” I’m on discord Manor Lords where developer share some information. And for now I’m waiting for early access or full game which I expect on 2023.

Screenshot from Manor Lords Twitter
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