How to get rid of vassals in CK3?

Are you looking for ways to get rid of vassals in Crusader Kings III? This article discusses two main methods: revoking titles and assassinating the vassal and their heirs. However, both approaches come with potential negative consequences, so it’s important to carefully consider your circumstances and personal preferences before deciding on the best strategy.

Factors such as realm stability, justification, success rate, consequences, long-term impact, character skills, relationships with other vassals, and personal ethics should all be taken into account when determining the most suitable approach.

Top 5 things to consider
  • Revoke titles with justification.
  • Increase realm authority before revoking.
  • Imprison vassals to revoke.
  • Assess stability and consequences.
  • Consider Intrigue skill and relationships.

Methods how to get rid of vassals in CK3?

1) Revoke all titles: You can revoke the titles of a vassal, which will make them leave your court and join a different court if they are not imprisoned. This can be done with or without justification, but revoking titles without justification may result in negative consequences such as civil wars or a reputation as a tyrant.

Revoke tittle is in context menu on character

2) Assassinate the vassal and their heirs: If you have a high Intrigue score, you can plot to assassinate the vassal and their potential heirs. This method requires patience and careful planning, as it may take multiple assassinations to remove the vassal from power.

Murder someone is also in context menu of character

However, these methods should be used with caution as they can have negative consequences such as civil wars or a reputation as a tyrant.

The better solution to get rid of vassals in CK3 depends on the specific circumstances and your personal preferences as a player. Revoke all titles is generally more reliable and straightforward, but it can have negative consequences. Assassinating the vassal and heirs requires careful plotting and may not always be successful. It is recommended to assess the circumstances and consider the potential risks and rewards before deciding on the best approach.

Revoke all titles

Ensure that you have a valid reason to revoke the titles. This can include vassals following a different faith, participating in a civil war or revolt against you, or having a valid claim on their lands.

Increase your realm authority to a level that allows you to revoke titles without facing significant backlash from your other vassals.

Right-click on the vassal you want to revoke titles from and select the “Revoke Title” interaction. If the vassal is imprisoned, the revocation will happen instantly. If not, they may have a chance to refuse and go to war to defend their land.

If the vassal refuses to give up their titles, you can imprison them by using schemes or other means. Once they are imprisoned, you can proceed with revoking their titles.

Imprisoning your vassals

After revoking the titles, the vassal will no longer be your vassal and will leave to join a different court if they are not imprisoned. You can choose to release them from prison under the condition that they revoke their claims to all titles, ensuring they cannot try to reclaim them.

Is better to revoke title or assassinate vassal in CK3?

To consider which solution is better you need to think about this factors which must affect your solution:

1) Realm Stability: Revoking titles can potentially destabilize your realm, especially if you do it without proper justification. This can lead to negative opinion modifiers, factionalism, and even civil wars. Assassination, on the other hand, can be a more discreet method that avoids immediate upheaval.

2) Justification: Revoking titles requires a valid reason, such as a vassal following a different faith or participating in a revolt against you. If you have a legitimate reason to revoke their titles, it can be a more justifiable and accepted action. Assassination, however, does not require any justification, but it may be riskier and more likely to be discovered.

3) Success Rate: Revoking titles depends on your realm authority and the specific circumstances. If you have the necessary authority and a valid reason, it can be a straightforward process. Assassination, on the other hand, relies on your Intrigue skill, the involvement of agents, and the potential discovery of your plot. It may take time and effort to successfully eliminate a vassal through assassination.

4) Consequences: Revoking titles may lead to negative opinion modifiers with other vassals and courtiers, potentially causing unrest and resistance. Assassination, if discovered, can also have negative consequences, such as being branded a murderer and facing retaliation from the vassal’s family or allies.

5) Long-Term Impact: Revoking titles allows you to directly control the territories, which can be beneficial for consolidating power and managing your realm. Assassination, on the other hand, may result in the title passing to a new vassal, potentially creating a new set of challenges and relationships to navigate.

Your character’s factors to consider what is better?

If you have a high Intrigue skill, you may be more inclined to choose assassination as a method. A higher Intrigue skill increases the chances of successfully plotting and carrying out assassinations.

Assess your relationships with other vassals. If you have strong alliances or positive opinions from other vassals, they may be more likely to support you in revoking titles. On the other hand, if you have strained relationships or a history of conflict with other vassals, assassination may be a safer option to avoid further complications.

Consider your character’s moral alignment and personal ethics. Revoking titles without proper justification may be seen as tyrannical and may not align with a character who values honor or fairness. Assassination, on the other hand, may be viewed as a more ruthless or dishonorable approach.

Take into account the succession laws of your realm. If the vassal you want to get rid of has a strong line of heirs, assassination may be a more challenging and time-consuming method. Revoking titles may be a quicker way to remove them from power and gain control over their lands.

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