How to get vassals in Crusader Kings 3?

In Crusader Kings 3, the process of acquiring vassals holds significant importance due to its various benefits. From managing your domain limit to establishing alliances, this article will guide you on how to effectively obtain vassals and leverage their power in your favor.

Ways how to get vassals?

To create a vassal in Crusader Kings 3, you have a these options:

1) Grant Titles: You can grant titles to characters within your realm. Right-click on a valid character, click “Grant Titles,” and select the title(s) you want to grant them. This will make them your vassal.

2) Conquer Land: By conquering new territories, you can appoint vassals to watch over those lands. Go to the realm tab (green crown icon on the upper right), open it to view your kingdom, and then go to the domain page. If your domain limit is too great, offer up these locations to your vassals. Double-check what domains are under the same De Jure to create a new title, which is given to your ruler and can be passed on to your heir.

3) Invite Claimants: You can use the decision to invite claimants to your court. This costs 350 prestige but increases the chance of prestigious guests entering your court. These claimants may have claims to nearby territories, allowing you to expand your kingdom and potentially make them your vassals.

4) Befriend Nearby Vassals: If you have a good relationship with nearby vassals, they may offer themselves to you as vassals. Use the Diplomacy lifestyle and befriending mechanics to improve their opinion of you. This can lead to them willingly joining your empire and expanding your region.

Remember to consider your ruler’s traits and lifestyle when choosing the best method to create vassals. Different rulers may have different options available to them.

Duchies in Crusader Kings 3

Great way how to get vassals by your traits and lifestile


To gain more vassals in Crusader Kings with a high Martial lifestyle, you can use strategies such as fabricating claims, inviting claimants, forcing vassalization, befriending and swaying vassals, and offering vassalization.


To gain more vassals in Crusader Kings with a high Diplomacy lifestyle, you can focus on building positive relationships with nearby vassals, use the Sway action, befriend vassals, hold feasts, appoint powerful vassals to your council, and lower crown authority if necessary.


To get more vassals in Crusader Kings when focused on the Stewardship lifestyle, you can increase your domain limit, grant titles to existing vassals, create new titles, invite claimants to your court, and befriend nearby vassals.


In Crusader Kings, if you have a high Intrigue lifestyle, you can use strategies such as diplomacy and alliances, fabricating claims, inviting claimants, using intrigue and hooks, and strategically granting titles to acquire more vassals.


There is no specific way to get more vassals in Crusader Kings if you are focused on the Learning lifestyle. However, I expect you’re smart enough to choose from other methods, right? 🙂

Why is important creating vassals in CK3?

Creating vassals in Crusader Kings 3 is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps rulers stay within their domain limit, avoiding penalties to income and manpower. By granting counties to vassals, rulers can delegate the management of individual territories, allowing them to focus on higher-level decisions and actions.

Additionally, vassals contribute to tax and levy based on their feudal contract, increasing overall resources and military strength. Vassals also help maintain stability within the realm, governing their territories and providing support in times of war. Lastly, creating vassals allows rulers to form alliances and build relationships with powerful individuals, strengthening their position and gaining valuable allies.

In summary, creating vassals in Crusader Kings 3 is crucial for effective realm management, resource collection, military strength, and building alliances. It allows rulers to delegate responsibilities, maintain stability, and focus on higher-level decision-making.

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