How to stop fighting vassals in CK3?

Are your vassals constantly fighting each other in Crusader Kings 3? Here are some steps you can take to stop the conflicts and maintain stability within your realm. From increasing Crown Authority to managing vassal power, these tips will help you prevent internal conflicts and maintain strong diplomatic relationships with other rulers. Stop talking let’s go to action.

Quick tips to solve
  • Increase Crown Authority: Prevent vassal conflicts.
  • Settle as Feudal/Clan: Enable Crown Authority mechanics.
  • Use Casus Belli strategically: Influence inconclusive wars.
  • Manage vassal’s power: Prevent excessive control.
  • Monitor vassals and improve relations.

To stop vassals from fighting each other in Crusader Kings 3, you can take the following steps:

1) Increase your Crown Authority: Upgrade your Crown Authority to at least level 3 in the Feudal or Clan government type. This will forbid vassals from fighting each other unless they have a hook on their liege. With Absolute Crown Authority (level 4), they won’t be able to fight any wars without your permission.

2) Settle as Feudal or Clan: If you have a Tribal government, upgrade your Tribal Authority to settle as Feudal or Clan. This will allow you to continue with the Crown Authority mechanics mentioned above.

3) Use Casus Belli strategically: If a vassal is involved in a claimant war or other types of wars, you can try to carry out a murder scheme to eliminate the claimant or work to change the religion in the targeted region of a holy war. This can potentially force an inconclusive war.

4) Manage your vassal’s power: Ensure that no vassal becomes too powerful by limiting their control over multiple duchies or counties. Revoke titles, fight wars, and take action to prevent them from gaining excessive power.

5) Keep an eye on your vassals: Monitor your vassals’ actions and relationships through the Realm menu. Use the sway action to improve relations with troublesome vassals and prevent them from disliking you or joining factions.

Remember, vassal conflicts can sometimes be beneficial, weakening them and keeping them occupied. Assess the situation and decide whether intervention is necessary based on your current circumstances and goals.

When is beneficial that your vassals fights between?

There are a few situations in which it can be beneficial for vassals to fight among themselves in Crusader Kings 3. Firstly, it weakens them and diverts their resources and attention away from challenging your authority.

Additionally, vassals at war only use their own troops, not the levies promised to you, allowing you to maintain your position at the top of the hierarchy. If the vassal’s conflicts do not pose an immediate risk to your own power, it can be advantageous to let them continue their conflicts.

When isn’t beneficial that your vassals fights between?

1) Risk of Revolt: If a specific vassal starts gaining control over a significant amount of land, they may become too powerful and potentially start a revolt against you. This can be a threat to your rule and stability.

2) Weakening Preferred Vassals: If your vassals are constantly fighting and weakening each other, it can also weaken your preferred vassals. For example, if a vassal is involved in a war that reduces their resources, it directly impacts your ability to tax them and rely on their military support.

3) Loss of Vassal Commanders: When vassals are engaged in their own wars, they may not be available to command your armies when needed. This can be problematic if you require their military strength for your own conflicts.

Count Konrád is one of my vassals and also my heir
Typically I don’t want to lose this character

Could fighting vassals make problems for your diplomacy?

Fighting vassals can create problems with your international diplomacy in Crusader Kings 3. When your vassals are engaged in internal conflicts, it can make your realm appear weak and unstable to other rulers. This may lead to negative opinions and potential aggression from external powers.

Additionally, if your vassals are at war with other realms, it can complicate your own diplomatic relationships and alliances. It is important to manage vassal conflicts and maintain stability within your realm to avoid unnecessary complications in international diplomacy.

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