How to build overpasses in Cities Skylines?

In Cities Skylines, overpasses can be combined with roads, railways and sidewalks. Today I’m going to show you overpasses with sidewalks especially. However, the principe is same for the other types of overpasses too and you can use it regardless of the “type”. Let’s get into it!

The overpasses’ main strength is speeding up the traffic flow. This can be particularly seen in the picture below where I have one of access roads endings with a large roundabout. This roundabout is used by cars and pedestrians who are used to going to work…

My overpass placement.

… if I build the highway, then people won’t be able to walk and the traffic will clog more. It is because they will have to drive to work. In this case, it is good place and time for building an overpass. If you open Terraforming > Paths, then you should be able to select sidewalk you want to build.

How could look your City if you use sidewalk.

The good news is that the sidewalk can be elevated just like roads. If you want to build over a bridge, then use page up and page down.

In this case, I decided to build a more “straight” line for pedestrians. It is more optimal for them and makes the industrial zone more accessible.

Tunnels can be also a good alternative and can be used as sidewalks too. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the more tunnels you build, the more it may be confusing in the future (because of the subway system). So be careful not to create unnecessarily complex “shortcuts”

Starting of the construction of a bridge as an overpass over complex roads.

In the image below, you can see the result of my new bridge. People and cars are using it as they should and the traffic is smooth and easy. In the future, it’s important to watch and optimize your traffic / pedestrian flow.

Sidewalk overpass in Cities Skylines.
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