How to build overpass in cities skylines

Overpassing I’m using in Cities Skylines basically with roads, railways and sidewalk. Today I will show you overpasses with sidewalks but this principe is same for the other types of overpasses – so let’s get to it.

For me I’m trying overpassing “busy” parts of mine City to speed up flow. On image bellow you could see one of access road to mine city which ends in big roundabout. This roundabout is used by car and a lot of peoples which use it to walk to their work…

Place for overpass

… if I want to extended the highway. Then peoples won’t could walk then will increase traffic because they must goes to work by car. So this is good place for overpass. If you open Terraforming > Paths then you could select sidewalk to build.

How could look your City if you use sidewalk

Good new is that sidewalk could be elevated like roads. And if you start building and use page up and page down then you could build bridge over.

In this case I’m creating more “straight” line for pedestrians so I’m optimize for which citizens will be industry zone more available by foots. And more people will walks.

Overpasses are good, alternatively you could build tunnels. Which could be used for sidewalks too. But if you build a lot more tunnels, you might get confused with a future subway. So be careful not to create unnecessarily complex “shortcuts”

Starting of bridge as overpass of complex roads.

On image bellow you could see result and people using mine new bridge. It’s important to watch flow of your traffic / pedestrian and optimize this.

Final sidewalk overpass in Cities Skylines
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