How to upgrade roads in Cities Skylines?

When you start in Cities Skylines a new city, you don’t have too many roads. The key is to unlock new and new milestones to get them. But how to upgrade roads effectively? Let’s take look at it!

How to upgrade roads in Cities Skylines?

There is a quick step-by-step guide on how to upgrade roads in Cities Skylines and it is very simple:

  1. Open building roads tab
  2. Select “upgrade” method
  3. Click on roads which you want to upgrade

Where is the “upgrade” method?

The upgrade method is in the building roads tab in modes lines. The icon is a blue exclamation mark and it can be found there as presented in the picture:

Where to find the upgrade icon

How does the roads upgrade look like?

For roads upgrade you must now go for road and click on it…

How does the process of upgrading look like (you can see that it costs money)

… in case you want to build one-way roads, then with a “right click” in upgrade mode you can change their direction…

You can set a road to a one-way road and change it

… but in case you see this icon then the roads are not related to each other. That means that drivers will potentially have problems with driving.

The “T icon” signalizes the inability to combine roads

Potential problems of the upgrade

Destroying buildings during changing the type

Some upgrades of roads have a negative influence on zones which are built around the road. If you change from a basic “two-lane” to a “four-lane” (which is wider) then roads will be bigger and buildings will be destroyed. If they don’t destroy them, then the new roads don’t fit.

When I tried to combine a two-lane to a six-lane you can see a bulldozer

Destroying your bus lines

When you optimize traffic/upgrade/or change roads, you can have a problem with bus lines which won’t connect after the unpausing of the game. I would recommend changing the colour of the lines and connecting them.

Unconnected bus lines

Why use upgrading roads in Cities Skylines (and which ones)?

As I mentioned above, at the start you don’t have all types of roads and when your city grows, you unlock new types gradually. Some types of roads have 🟢 positive effects and some have 🔴 negative effects. Some roads have special functional purposes like bus lines or cycling lines.

When use road upgrades?

Don’t forget that you must select which roads you want to use for expanding your city. Also, be aware of the fact that by abolishing the zone you lose residents. It makes sense to make these big changes gradually and with composure.

Type of zone/roadThe best type of road to use
Low Density Residential ZonesTwo-Lane Road with Trees
High Density Residential ZonesLarge Avenue with Grass
Low Density Commercial ZonesTwo-Lane Road with Trees
High Density Commercial ZonesFour-Lane Road with Decorative Trees
Industrial ZonesMedium Industry Road
Office ZonesFour-Lane Road with Decorative Trees
Main roadsSix-Lane Road with Decorative Trees
For connecting wind turbinesTwo-Lane Gravel Road
Highway(Three-Lane) Highway with Sound Barrier
Intersection connectionsHighway Ramp
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