Unreal or Unity for Cities Skylines 2 and what this means?

Literally after announcement there was speculation that Cities Skylines 2 will get new engine which will be Unreal Engine 5. For now the developers confirmed that the Cities Skylines 2 will be Unity based. More information you could see in mine article. Why and who is the source and what should means if Cities Skylines 2 change engine for us players? We will look deeper on this game engine and wouldn’t it be a little more complicated?

Everything is different!

Ok we has been fooled and hype around Cities Skylines 2 and Unreal Engine was just another “hype”. The Colossal Order confirm on Mar 7th that Cities skylines 2 will be “Unity based” source is one of response tweets and you should see it bellow.

And if you will read more detailed after mine analysis you could see speculation. That on trailer won’t be Epic Games logo and if game will be Unreal we should be glad the logo will be there – but it isn’t. So Colossal Order stay on Unity.

And we can probably be sure that part of the trailer was in Unreal Engine (because gas station). More info why and how you could read bellow. Now back to leaks and our features wishes for Cities skylines 2.

Source of informations about UE5

Best points about Unreal Engine 5 and Cities Skylines 2 has YouTuber City Planners Plays. On image/video bellow you could see one frame from trailer which shows us one gas station…

Source of leak about Unreal Engine

… but this gas stations looks similar like one of gas station which is available on Unreal Engine marketplace. Bellow you could se one of image of this gas stations and they looks similar not? This should means that new Cities Skylines 2 will be in new Unreal Engine. But also this could means…

Source image from Unreal Engine

… that we get fooled. The trailer looks great, realistic with a lot of details but it haven’t gameplay footage. So this could mean that there is just bait, and we could all actually “get caught on the hook”. If trailer won’t be gameplay than what we see could be anything else like CGI or trailer could be prerendered in Unreal Engine 5 to speedup process.

More information we will se after we will get gameplay trailer.
Which will be in game. After that we could know if Cities Skylines will be in UE5.

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What should mean Unreal Engine 5 for Cities Skylines 2?

The community so far seems to be afraid of the Unreal Engine and that the modding would be worse and more difficult. But Unreal Engine 5 will have larger community than custom engine and there could be more advanced articles with tips. One would expect the learning curve to be fast and actually it might not be that bad, but I don’t really know the details.

For example, Hearts of Iron 4 runs on a custom engine that is more tailored to the game itself. So Paradox will have more experience with that. But then again, on the other hand, you can expect Cities Skylines 2 which will be more 3D and maybe take pride in the graphics need something more complex. And it might end up being something that’s based on Unreal Engine 5 and it’s going to be a pure Colossal Order thing.

I’m not an expert in this and I’d be glad for any tips.

Why not custom engine?

Could be good question why Cities Skylines 2 don’t get own engine. Unreal Engine is more focused on FPS games I think. I don’t know enough strategy games which are made in Unreal Engine. For developers which engine could have good parts about multi-platform development / optimization and that a lot of features will be implement yet so developers could have more space on developing features.

On image bellow you could see that in Unreal Engine are a lot of details which should be great start to development. But…

… I think that Cities Skylines will have more important parts than look. There will need to be advanced AI layers which provides deep simulations of life of your citizens. There will be more layers from above rather than first person. And I don’t know if will be better Unreal Engine than custom engine?

So I’m actually not sure that Cities Skylines 2 will be in the Unreal Engine. Well if you remember the trailer we didn’t see the Epic Store logo if I’m not mistaken. And if it was in the Unreal Engine, you’d have to work with Epic Games, right?

Anyway, it will be interesting to see further developments. Fans are already discussing passionately. So I’m curious to see what happens. Anyway, the next trailer will tell us more.

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