How to delete roads in cities skylines?

After our articles about placing roads in Cities Skylines there is article about deleting roads. For removing roads there is function Buldozer on keyboard is B or you could click on icon in right corner. This is super quick guide about Cities Skylines.

Where find Buldozer icon?

As I mention above you must use β€œB” on keyboard or select buldozer icon:

Where to find buldozer in CS.

How delete road?

When you are in Buldozer mode then you could find roads which you want to delete. And then you click on roads. After that you remove road.

How looks deleting road – you could see refund

How destroy underground roads?

If you build some underground roads then removing could be tricky. Default buldozer works just above ground. But you could use same β€œhack” as I mention in article about elevating roads and destroy undeground.

To destroy underground you must open buldozer function and then click on page down or fn + arrow down and you will see something like this:

How looks deleting underground road

If you remove roads check carefully one-way roads

If you remove some parts of one-way roads and there won’t be ending or way to go then this one-way roads won’t function and cars won’t be allowed to use this road because they won’t be able to get any further once they reach the end. This problem is signalized with this icon:

How looks unconnected roads. You must connect them!
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