Cheats for Farthest Frontier

I’ve seen that there are a lot of people searching for Farthest Frontier cheats. Fortunately, this article will be fast because when I searched for the official cheats list, I found that there is no such list. Let’s do something about it!

External tools

The first option would be downloading an external tool which will add cheats to the game. However, I don’t recommend this way to you. The main reason why it is not that sufficient is that virus could be found there or these tools could be quite offensive. This way could be risky for casual players which just want to improve some stats.

Editing savegame files

The second way how to improve your stats is by editing files with your savegame. You just need to open your folder with a savegame (which probably will be there) – My Documents\My Games\Farthest Frontier\Save – and you can see if there will be any files you can edit.

However, some edits like changing resources on maps won’t probably work, mainly because maps are generated by seeds and these are generated programmatically.

Cheats that may provide everything in one place?

In this matter, I looked at some cheat engines and their availability for us players. Surprisingly, I found that it can be all done without cheating. And it can be also beneficial for you when I say that it will not reduce the game as much as it would in case you get everything for free with cheats.

Cheats from mods and available alternatives:

In case you didn’t find what you needed, we do have some codes from the second cheat engine:

Thanks to the list of cheats which we used, we have a wider range of cheats codes. However, I don’t really recommend searching these codes, instead, you can look at our category about Farthest Frontier. It would be much better for you to find the tips you need there.

And yes, if you want you could use cheats of course. But from my point of view, after using some cheats, the game loses its charm. Moreover, it won’t be as challenging as it is now. I recommend learning/exploring right from the game itself and reaching for the cheats in case you actually need them.

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