Farthest Frontier: How get heavy tools without blacksmith?

After playing Farthest Frontier and farming for a while, I found I had a lot of wheat. When I figured out what to do with it, I found I had to mill it in the mill. However, when I set about building it, I found that I couldn’t finish it because my people didn’t have heavy tools.

If you want to get heavy tools and you won’t have a level III town hall so you won’t be able to build a blacksmith you might wonder if the developers made a mistake by allowing us to build a mill but not giving us the option to provide heavy tools and then it dawned on me. They want me to trade!

Trading post how looks

So the procedure to get heavy tools without a blacksmith is as follows:

  1. Build a trading post
  2. Wait for a trader (or two) to come to you
  3. See who offers you the best buyout price for what you own
  4. Sell some stuff to get more gold
  5. Get gold from the trader
  6. Buy at least one heavy tool for gold
  7. Move them to the warehouse

And once you move the heavy tools to the warehouse, they will immediately move to complete your mill and your mill will be completed almost instantly, even if you have a level II town hall.

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