Farthest Frontier: How to increase population?

The population is one of the key things in Farthest Frontier. In one of my first games, I got stuck on not having enough population that would do basic jobs like building or clearing and the consequences were huge. For that, I decided to create an article on “How to get more population” and show you how to avoid my mistakes.

As it is mentioned above, as your city grows you will need more residents. We can say that there are two ways of getting more inhabitants into your colony:

  • Immigration
  • Naturally born babies

However, your population may be gradually declining at the same time. Ways, by which you can lose the population, are significantly more. Hence it is good to be aware of the fact that you unnecessarily lose people who do not come. Pay attention to the following:

  • Do you have adequate defenses against game, raids?
  • Are you taking proper care of the waste in the city?
  • Aren’t your people sick?
  • Are all the residents happy – isn’t there a potential reason to leave?

Although you can take care of new people that will come to you or of the fact that there is a higher birth rate, if you lose people in other ways, your new people will not bring anything new to the village. Anyway, stop just stop talking about it for a moment and let’s get into the practice instead.

Immigration and born notification


Immigration itself comes up a few times in the game and it works on attraction – simply put your village must be interesting. You must continuously grow and have enough services, enough raw materials and food. Moreover, happy inhabitants and you need to have (for good prosperity) gold as well. In short, if everything goes well, there is a good chance that you will gradually be joined by more and more people.

What works really well for me is having plenty of free shelters right from the start. That’s why I always build more shelters than I need because I have noticed that more people will come according to it. I would recommend this to you as well.


Practically the same thing applies to birth rates. In case your inhabitants are satisfied, there is a high chance that the population will increase naturally by births. However, be aware that in case the new residents are born, they cannot work yet because of the ageing system in play. These newborns will gradually mature and they will be able to work only after a few years.

In the meantime, they can go to school where they will learn the necessary knowledge needed for more skilled work. Don’t worry, children grow up very fast…

The main thing that increases population is:

  • Happiness of your people
  • Free space in shelters or houses

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