Farthest Frontier: How to get school?

On the second level of the city, you will have the opportunity to build a school. Even if you don’t build it immediately, after some time a window will pop up that it might be a good idea to take it if you build a school so you can teach people from nearby shelters.

The school will open under the “amenities & services” tab. and the school will cost you…

… and has a positive effect on the surroundings. Therefore, I recommend to build it in the middle of the housing or at least in the vicinity of the housing to be built later.

Where to find the opportunity to build a school

Once you build the school, it will look like you can see the picture below. I think it is possible to build multiple schools per city. And once they work they will increase your people’s education, but the use of higher education I currently have no idea – not many game mechanics works with education.

How the school looks like in Farthest Frontier

But the bonus to desirability is quite high, so even if you don’t see a direct effect with higher education it’s still worth building the school. Although now I’m thinking maybe you can teach healers in school.

How to get teacher in Farthest Frontier?

Unfortunately, in Farthest Frontier, no one can be a teacher. It is, along with healer, the only job you need an educated person for, and the only way to get one without teaching yourself is to have that person come to you during immigration…

so support immigration as much as you can. Keep the places ready, the people happy and the food plentiful, and within a year or two at the most there’s a good chance a teacher will come to you.

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