Farthest Frontier: Starting on new map tips

Today I have an article for you on how to get started on a new map in case you are playing Farthest Frontier. I put these tips together from my last few games (and my preview), so I hope you find them useful.

Choosing the right difficulty

Right at the beginning, you have a choice of three levels of how to play. In case you are starting out, I recommend you choose the middle option “Trailblazer”, as you will not learn the game on the easiest level and it will be a bit more challenging for you. If you are confident, I recommend playing a quick game on the medium level once and then moving on to the hardest one…

Difficulty settings

… however, I don’t recommend changing and customizing it anymore to make it easier for yourself (maybe put more plains, or more forests, etc…). Use the random generator and be surprised – it will be a better experience.

>> There is list of good seeds in Farthest Frontier <<

Location of the town center

Once you load the game (cut scene disappears) so you are immediately forced to choose the beginning and therefore where you place the town hall. Note that only at this time you can see a large part of the map without having to explore it and face the bears/wolves…

… I recommend you take a good look around and see what your new map (future colony) has to offer. Alternatively, I recommend remembering what is in what direction, it may make playing on the map easier. But now back to the location of the town center. I always try to find a fertile spot (using the F key) because I will build fields and my farms on it in the future, and then build the town hall a bit further away from it.

Optimal location of the city center

I recommend you look for a place that has:

  • Water (lake) => I can fish here
  • Forest (trees) => I can harvest wood here
  • Stone nearby => I don’t have to go far to get it
  • Fertile land nearby => I already described above

And then in between all that, I’ll build a town hall. I must add that you want to keep an eye on the slope of the landscape so that you do not build your village unnecessarily uphill, because then you have to level the land and this is a long activity.

What to do right after the town hall is built?

Immediately build surrounding roads for at least the immediate area and immediately build housing where your people will live this will raise satisfaction. At the same time, you will do well to build in places where there are no trees or vegetation because you will build faster, as your inhabitants will not have to cut so many trees and will build everything faster.

Here’s how to survive your first year at Farthest Frontier.

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