Farthest Frontier: Biggest cities

I was wondering how big the biggest cities that have ever been built in Farthest Frontier are. I decided to research the internet and found that the largest cities are around 500 – 550 people at a time…

… I don’t know if there’s a ceiling you can’t get through. I’ve gotten to 350 inhabitants max myself, but I’ll have to try to beat the individual creator’s numbers.

576 peoples by Raptor

The largest city I found on the internet is the one with 576 inhabitants, created by YouTuber Raptor. I recommend watching his video where you can see how the raid on this city is done and then he shows the city in more detail.

505 peoples from TactiCat Gaming

Another large city was built by TactiCat Gaming and contains 505 people. However, the city looks unfinished and could still use some work. I believe it could get up to 600 people.

501 peoples by Nivarias

Another site in advanced condition with a population of 501 people. The city center looks fortified and the outskirts look like a lot of smaller outposts. Well done!

498 peoples by Quick Tips

The last video I found is the one with 498 inhabitants by Quick Tips. The city is obviously built for efficiency – the centre is classic. I recommend you take a look and get inspired.

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